LEARN 5 FLICK UPS YOU HAVEN’T SEEN BEFORE | Awesome football skills tutorial

[Music] what is up everyone pwg here and today I’m gonna show you guys five different flick ups that you and your friends probably haven’t seen before and if you have it’s okay I’m gonna show it to you anyways some of them are extremely difficult some of them are new and one of them is just plain out weird so let’s get to it [Music] number five the heel smash this move was inspired by the legendary piano player crucifer lick of pan house and it consists of the heel smash and the swirl and if you haven’t learned how to do the LLL smash yet find a tutorial right here to learn how to do it before we proceed so what you want to do is you do the heel smash and when you go to the bottom you start already doing the swirl which is basically and around the world behind your back and catch it at a clipper [Music] number four and just for the record this is the weird one this is called the fat man flick up and was invented by Lucas o the founder of Super Bowl a long time ago all you have to do is basically use your heels to lift the ball like this but it’s very difficult because you need to lift the ball upwards and not to the front [Music] number three the sister flick to drag us off for this one you want to place the ball in the middle and your legs like this now you want to go as a cross-country skier or a scissor like this quickly with the heel of this leg and the toe of the other one going in opposite direction that will create a little spin tap it once and go into a dragon stall [Music] number two the Maggiore osis majira is a Japanese freestyler who innovated the famous popcorn flick by making it his own so what he did is he goes all the way down flicks it up and now you want to add an osa sand and OSIS is basically a 180 clipper so you want to turn away from the ball and do a clipper [Music] number one the grand finale I’m gonna give you to flick ups in one with a double flick up for this one you need to learn how to do the routine you flick up first and there’s a tutorial for you right there so go click that first before you move on to the next one so you want to do a roll out Dino flick and then you want to do a small clipper tap but after that this is where it gets tricky now you want to place the outside of your foot on the ball and put it all of your body weight and then bam that’s the double flick up [Music] [Music] so that was it for this video hope you guys enjoyed leave a like if you did and leave a comment down below if you want to see some more videos like this because you know pwg got some more a trick up his sleeve also remember to subscribe by clicking the green bubble over here and if you liked the shoes that I designed that I’m wearing today you can also get them by clicking right here and that was it for this time see you guys

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  1. Well i liked the scissor dragonstall and please upload some more cool tricks.You're simply just awesome.keep goin……….

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