100 thoughts on “Learn 5 cool & easy flick ups | we teach you impressive football skills

  1. Watch Ayoze Perez Of Newcastle United's New Skill Video . Please Unisport It's In His Instagram Profile , Tutorial Please !

  2. in this monday we will have friendly match with spain girl and i will be captain gain i will use this skills wowowo

  3. Neymar : best skiller now

    Ronaldinho: best skiller ever

    Imagine brazils team now but with legends like Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Pele Roberto Carlos and more

  4. I made a video about Adidas X 18.3 soo please take a look You will like the video dor sure ??❤️

  5. My kick up record is 638 but i lost motivation and quit soccer,now i can do 100 but i dont know should i start soccer again?i feel like i should

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