Le Zap’Gym n°164

It’s not too hard to shoot
wearing ski boots? No, it’s ok. I scored seven over
there and saved four! Are you better at football
or skiing? Skiing. I’d like to thank the board,
the coaches, the players for coming all this way! It’s the proof that we have a
first division side that perfectly represents the entire Alpes-Maritimes
region. We don’t have a football team here in Valberg, but we have lots of
fans who are giving it a go today! Your as popular as ever!
No, I’m not a star. But I’m here to give something
back to these fans who supported us
and are still supporting us today! Hicham is here as a current
player and Didier and I are here representing the old guard and its
really nice to all catch up together. Two young chicks! The whole family is here,
all generations, from the older ones to the
kids and it’s really nice. You played with that shirt
didn’t you, Didier? This one? Mutuelles du Soleil, Burrda…
yes, of course! It’s getting a bit old these days… I trust we’re talking
about the jersey… I would never say such a thing!  
We’re quite a distance from Nice, but even here you can see how popular the
club is and no matter where we go, there are always fans of OGC Nice. Today we’re going to have a look
at what it takes to get the top, to become a professional football,
a great athlete. The kids have to understand while
this sport may appear quite simple, to go as far and as high as possible,
you can leave very little to chance. There’s no place for
luck at the very top. We’d like to pay tribute to
another great gesture by OGC Nice, and the inauguration of
their Community Stand of some 200 seats reserved for charity.  
It was an idea that we had with our partners and the OGC Nice
Endowment Fund to create this stand to offer 200 tickets throughout
the season, at every game, to those that otherwise wouldn’t have
the opportunity to come to a game. Thanks to the OGC Nice Endowment Fund that has great connections
with local charities, it was very easy to find people to
take advantage of this new stand. Everyone has each made their
contribution for 200 seats. We are very proud to be able to be
a part of this great initiative. Thanks to the club for having this
idea and inviting us to take part because it’s a great initiative.
Hopefully this will encourage others to join us because the aim is to see
this stand grow bigger and bigger! The kids are so happy to be a
part of this, you can see it in
their eyes, it’s great. We are very happy
with the result and thank the businesses and partners that had
this idea and have made it happen. We have Black and Red blood and it
was very important for us to be able
to support our club in this way. A fantastic initiative and another
first in Ligue one and in France! I was here for that
last match at the Stade du Ray and I helped cut up the grass. But I wasn’t here for the first game,
so it’s nice to be here today. And I’m also here in a
professional capacity, to observe Khephren Thuram who
is often called up to the France U19 side with me, so today I get
to mix business with pleasure! Good evening everyone, I’m
delighted to be back here in Nice. I’d like to thank the club to
have thought of us old players –
it’s important. And Issa Nissa! An assist for you tonight.
Can you describe the move? No, I didn’t provide the assist,
it was Adam that scored! I provided the second last pass.
I saw Ganago cut inside and we had worked on that in training with
midfielder that runs in behind. It’s not the first time we’d done
it and it worked pretty well.

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