Last Junior Golf Tournament of the Year!

(upbeat music) – Today, Lincoln has a golf tournament. It’s match play and this is
the qualifying tournament for match play. If you don’t know what match play is, basically it’s the thing where
they put you in a bracket like NCAA March Madness, One through 16. You go to play, you
play against one person, and each hole’s worth a point, and whoever can get the most points, enough that the other
person can’t come back, knocks that other person out, so it’s like a golf tournament that lasts for like four or five days. – So, then it’s like if
you get a five on a hole, and the other person gets
four, they get the point, but if you both get
fives, then it’s a tie. (upbeat music) – They’re playing the back nine, so the first hole is the 10th hole. Okay, first shot was really, really good, like three wood, hit it right
in the middle of the fairway. Hopefully Lincoln just
thinks, get it on the green, ’cause if he tries to hit, go at that pin, he might land it in the bunker. Yup, little deep, top tier. (upbeat music) What a putt, what a putt. First hole, Lincoln got a bogey, but I will say, a two
putt from that top tier with the downhill green was really good. One of the other kids
in the group got a six, and he was closer than Lincoln, but he three putted because
that hill was so steep. Lincoln had the advantage
of being able to watch that other kid miss his putt, and so Lincoln read
that break really well, that wasn’t an easy putt at all. Number two is a kind of long par three. There’s the boys up there,
Lincoln should have honors. Uh oh, that’s going left. Oh good, it’s right there. It’s a bit of a downhill chip, which is hard to slow it down. Ah, just hit the lip, and lipped out. Bogey, bogey, see if he can
get some pars or some birdies. This hole right here is the 12th hole, and it is the tightest stinking hole. He should be hitting an iron. Oh, well look at this guy, there it is, right in the perfect spot, hey, look at that little guy. (upbeat music) Short, short, stay out of the bunker. The flag is all the way up here, and his ball is all the way over here, so he’s gotta run it up a hill to that. If he can escape this with
a par, that would feel good, but by the way things are going, it’s probably gonna be another bogey. (upbeat music) All right, par three,
easiest hole on the course. A par, yes good job, Lincoln, good job. This is a really long par five, and the green is really high up the hill. Oh, right there, little
shorty short, in the fairway. So right here on the sidewalk it says 250, and he is right there. It’s fun to just watch this when I can’t talk to you,
I’m gonna be a caddy. Here’s a question, what would
it be like if in the PGA Tour, they did a tournament like a Major even, and said no caddies allowed. How much better do caddies make you? I would imagine that for
some golfers it helps a lot, for some golfers maybe not so much, but it would be a cool thing
to have an even playing field where you have no caddie
in your back pocket, telling you every little
thing, and all these secrets, and all this stuff about the course, and you just have to get out there, figure it out yourself, play
some golf, and hit some shots. This is the hill I was talking about, you got this giant hill with two bunkers, and it’s kinda like a rough area, so you just want to lay it up
right in here on the fairway somewhere, and then you
hit your approach shot, and the green is a weird two tiered green, and it looks like the pin is in a tough back top tier placement. Oh that’s a good shot, I see it coming. There it is, exactly
where you wanna go buddy! All right, this is that crazy
green right here, huge ridge. Lincoln hit his approach shot super deep, which is trouble because there
is a white stake right here. In golf, white stake means you
have to go back to the place that you were at, and re-hit your ball with a penalty assessed, because this is somebody’s backyard, but there;s the white stake,
the good news, look at this, look at Lincoln’s ball, it is
just beyond the white stakes. Oh my gosh, that’s so close. (upbeat music) – [Lincoln] The ball. – Nice, good putt. He escaped with a bogey on that hole, that was a pretty weak chip that he had, but it is what it is. I have no idea where that ball went. I have no idea where he hit that shot. We’ll find out in a second, but it looked good coming off the club. This is the frog pond, I like to call it, because there is the giantest frogs. Oh, there’s one hopper. We need to find some more. I scared ’em Those kids are over there
being serious, playing golf, and I’m chasing frogs. Ooh, he hit the lip, he hit the lip! Par! He just parred a par three, so I guess par three’s
are his favorites today. No double bogey’s today,
gosh why did I just say that, I probably just jinxed him. But no double bogey’s
today, I already said it, so I’ll go with it, or triple bogey’s, or quadruple bogey’s, but
just bogey’s and two pars. So here he goes, he’s up first. (upbeat music) Uh-oh, shanked it, oh it went
in the bushes, that’s OB. He hit it right there in that junk. It’s my fault, I said he
hasn’t had a double bogey yet, and then he hits the
worst shot of the day. I take full responsibility
for that OB (laughs). Alright because he hit it white stake, he has to hit another one from the tee. So this will be, the
drop was the second shot, and this hit will be his third. Oh my gosh, he hit it like
10 feet down the hill. So this would be the
fourth shot of the hole. That was solid. oh no, go out, get out, get out, yes! It came out and onto the fairway! (upbeat music) If he makes this, holes it
out, it would be for par. He’s not parring this. Oh geez, he is down there by that rock, there’s a
red stake right there, and he is right there. So if he dropped it, it
would be his sixth shot. So his hitting the ball
would be his seventh stroke. So he’d have to get up and
down for him to get nine. The rule is, with double par, if your double par, you
just pick up your ball, so he’s trying to just pick up the ball, but I’m like, what the
heck, it’s a par five, and so, I think he’s gonna go down there, and try to play it, you gotta play it out. (upbeat music) Alright he ended up getting 10. Oh yeah, he’s just laying it up. He just hit it right there
to the top of that hill, that’s gonna make for a long
hole but that is a safe play. Oh, it’s leaking, it’s
leaking to the righty right. Oh, oh, it hit the car path. Oh, it’s coming down the hill, keep going, oh it’s right there, it is right there in those bushes. (upbeat music) And it’s in the bunker,
oh no, it came out. This would be his par putt, that would be great to end with a par. Now lets get Lincoln’s
thoughts after the round, once he’s done his scorecard, and maybe he’s cooled down a little bit. I think he’s gonna be pretty fired up. – So I was four over, coming into 17, and I got a triple, and
then I got a quadruple. – [Dan] Par three’s were your friends, par fives were your enemies. (Dan laughing) Lincoln doesn’t understand why
I had a role to play in him, doing so poorly on eight and
nine, do you wanna know why? – Uh-huh. – Before you hit, I was
just talking to the camera, and I was like, “Lincoln’s
had a really good round. “He doesn’t have one bogey, today.” And I go, “Oh no, did I just jinx that?” – [Lincoln] Not one double. – Then I was like, and then I
go, “Or a double, or a triple, “or a quadruple, he
doesn’t have any of those.” then I was like, “I just hope I didn’t, “I totally jinxed that. “Didn’t I jinx that? “I jinxed that.” And then the next shot,
you hit it out of bounds, and I’m like, “I am so sorry Lincoln, “it’s totally my fault.” And then the next shot you shank it, and I’m like, “Oh no.” Yeah, it’s my fault. – Yeah.
– Yeah, yeah. So yeah the winning score was a 44, if Lincoln would have just
bogeyed the last two holes, bogeyed them, he would have shot a 43, and he would have taken first place, and have the number one
seed for the match play. There’s Lincoln’s golf tournament, match play is coming up
in the next week or two, I think it is, it’s like a week and a half Lincoln are you okay if
we film your match play, and show you playing head
to head against someone? – Yeah sure – Do you guys wanna see that? Do you think they wanna see that? – Probably not, but we’ll show it to you. – We’re gonna put it there
whether you like it or not, how about that all those that said, “No, we don’t wanna see
it” in the comments, it’s gonna be there. All right, good job
Lincoln, you played well. Today is my 39th birthday, I feel old. – 40th is like a lot older.
– It is a lot older. – Like compared to 39.
– 41 is a lot older than– – No, no, no, but like– – Okay lets not talk
about it, it’s all old. That’s a giant frog, he’s just chilling.

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