Large-scale cricket flour production – Cricket Lab

Crickets, a sustainable protein source for a changing world. At Cricket Lab our large scale production facility is making affordable quality cricket powder for the food industry. In our closed, controlled hygienic environment crickets are raised using vertical farming. We only use traceable feed conforming to international food standards for human consumption. Thanks to automation crickets are efficiently processed with minimal human intervention. Using our high end drying technology Cricket Lab produces a consistent mild powder preserving nutrients and vitamins. The Cricket Lab R&D centre is continuously innovating its farming and processing technologies to optimise quality and efficiency. Our mission is to offer innovative food producers a high quality sustainable and cost effective protein source. Cricket Lab making cricket flour affordable.

6 thoughts on “Large-scale cricket flour production – Cricket Lab

  1. My dad and I made muffins out of cricket flour. But the crickets were grinded up, so they didn't hop out of the muffins.

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