Lady Lions vs Lady Badgers – Volleyball

We have four seniors on our team and we
know we wanted to come out and just play the best of our ability and we were able
to do that because we all work together as a team. We talked about in the locker
room what we needed to get done and all of our our team goals and our individual
goals and we just all talked about and that’s what we kept doing throughout the
game is working together and talking and communicate with each other and I think
that’s what really helped us come out with the win. Bishop is always a big
game for us, it’s always one of the most like exciting and we’re just hoping to
play out the rest of the season, play the best our ability and just try to make it
out with wins the rest of the season. The group of girls that we have we put in a
lot of work and when we played the first time we we had a lot of errors that we
made and stuff so this time we came out and we showed how we can play volleyball
and it feels really good knowing that we’re capable of doing this. This game is
a big game because it’s a rival game but it was a bigger game as a team to us
because it was a deciding factor if we are second…you know possibly getting
second in district or not. So now we have a goal to win out all our other
games from now on and as a team winning this game tonight helped us get that
confidence level for sure. We go to tournaments big tournaments like the
Sinton tournament and we play against these 5a-6a schools and we play amazing
volleyball and there’s times where we come to games and we don’t…we get a bad
pass and we do this but we get in our heads. And as a team we’re finally coming
to the realization that volleyball is a bunch of mistakes you make mistakes and
that being said we’re learning how to just come together and shake little
things off and play our solid good volleyball and as a team it feels really good.

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