“Ladder Drills”: Chinese Table Tennis Footwork Training Methods

Welcome to the channel of coach EmRatThich. This is the full video which I have
mentionned in the “Footwork video”. You can follow this exercice to improve the
agility of your footwork. You can organize these exercices in your table
tennis club. It takes only 5
minutes to finish, and it greatly help your footwork. These exercices are called
“ladder drills”. Because players will train with the “ladder
on the ground”. It’s easy to build the ladder. No need to make a real ladder. Just use the
scotch tape, and glue it on the ground. Cheap and easily! Use the tape to make the ladder composed of
15 squares with the dimension of 35cm x 35 cm. Now let’s train these exercices.

17 thoughts on ““Ladder Drills”: Chinese Table Tennis Footwork Training Methods

  1. Nice, but
    is there something like this for my arms? ??
    because i would like to have same agility from my legs in my arms.
    thank you

  2. Thanks! Coach. I think seeing the stretching exercises would also be beneficial, if you could share that part if you have it please. I saw some different stretches at the end of this clip and wondered what other different stretches they do. I have never used the TT table as a stretching platform; I wonder if it would even be allowed ?.

  3. Coach, I use a lot of clockwise sidespin (edit: I forgot to mention I'm left handed, very important) in my topspin stroke due to my wrist hanging somewhat. This is what I have always done in the past and I think it fits me very well even though it might not be the most optimal choice. I have gained a lot of consistency in this stroke and it is very difficult for my opponents due to two reasons. Firstly the spin is something they are not used to blocking and will make many errors. Secondly due to the spin I add to the ball it is easier for me to position myself for another forehand topspin. Do you think I should continue using the stroke like this or will it hurt my game in the long run?

  4. A player’s shots are only as good as his footwork. It’s absolutely necessary to master footwork so that you always hit your best shot at the right time in the right place. ★★★★★

  5. hello emrat thich my question is not about foot work but instead it is about rubber.

    Im curious why chinese players prefer using black rubber forehand
    does a black rubber have more deception on contact and strokes than a red rubber? my partner told me it is harder to see the contact on a black rubber specially on serves is this true?

  6. Hey coach, I was wondering why does with each and every table tennis players their strokes and footwork are different opposed to others and especially the Chinese? I am ideally looking at things like mizutani's forehand, samsonov and oh sang eun's forehand and Ryu seung min's footwork. Is it due to their stature, Playstyle or just Habits?

  7. coach can u pls post a video on reverse pendulum backspin and sidespin serve of zhang jike ,about the different contact points used in both serves and thank you for the amazing footwork video

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