Ladder Drill | Softball Catcher Drills

Softball Catcher Drills: Ladder Drill [Intro Music]>>AJ Hamilton: When executing the footwork
for a throw to second base, catchers want to be sure their momentum and body are going
toward their target. Energy and strength are wasted when a catcher
works away from the target.>>Hamilton: The ladder drill allows us to
create enough momentum to move forward and ensures that the catcher stays on the target. To execute the ladder drill, the catcher starts
in a receiving position.>>Hamilton: The first movement is to bring
your throwing side foot in step into the first box. The next step is a stride step toward the
target with that front foot landing in the next space on the ladder while making sure
to keep both feet in line.>>Hamilton: These two steps will be repeated
until the athlete has worked down the length of the ladder. Have the athlete start out slow and move faster
as they progress. [Outro Music]

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