Kysskalas i Love Island Sverige – se den blöta tävlingen (TV4 Play)

SPEAKER: Sandra has once again been to the bathroom… …that’s why all the contestants are running out of the Villa in panic. SPEAKER: Right on time for today’s competition Please gentlemen put on the blindfolds and earmuffs SPEAKER: Today’s silly challenge must have been desperately created last night by the producers to get more kisses in the show. SPEAKER: The rules are as easy as they are silly the girls will kiss the boys and the boys will rate the kisses. But the boys have no clue to who is kissing them. The one with the highest score will be crowned “Miss Kiss Me Baby” – Wtf Christian, stop it. – I was in it to win it! – Mmm, she knew what she was doing. – I kissed Christian a little longer than the others. – When you kiss a guy you should start off easy with a little tongue… …and end it with kissing the lip. Then you’ve teased them and they want more. – Daniel? – Great last touch. It’s and eight for me. – Mathias, how was the kiss for you? – It’s hard to be the first one out. But she set the bar high and it was a nine for me. – It was good, nice soft lips. So for me it’s a nine. – Marcus? – I just wanted more. Five more seconds and it would’ve been a ten… …but the kiss get’s a nine. – Christian, how was the kiss? – I’m very pleased… …it’s a nine. – How do you rate that kiss Daniel? – Unfortunately it wasn’t a kiss so I have to give it one point. On the cheek. Ok it gets two points. I’ll give it two points. – I’m very happy. The kiss gets eight points. – I got higher points than Karin from Mathias. Aaa. – I feel sorry for her and him because he doesn’t get it. – If someone told me a bedtime story I would’ve given it one point… …but I give it zero points. – It must have been Karin because Mathias rated the kiss much higher than me. – I went in with the mindset that I didn’t need to be the best kisser in the Villa. – I’m here to find my one and only. – It felt pretty natural for me to just kiss Mathias. – But he only gave me an eight. That’s not good. – Marcus, how was the kiss for you? – I give it just one point. Sorry. – My grandma is a better kisser than this… …I give this kiss zero points. – I think Niklas was the best one to kiss. – He is so nice. – And I’m getting hot now – Daniel how was the kiss? – You felt the kiss had potential. But it wasn’t a kiss it was a peck. So I’ll give it three points. One. Two. – Five, it was ok. – Two points. – Daniel? – I give it nine points. That was good! – Now that Daniel knows what a good kisser I am – Mathias? – Seven! – Six. – Six, that was a juicy kiss. – Hundred percent better than the first one… – He should learn how to kiss properly! – This I could keep doing… …an eight! – I wasn’t supposed to go all in.. …but it just happend. I got caught in the moment I guess. – When the other girls kissed Daniel – It was nice to finally get some action! – I have to say that both Daniel and Niklas was really good actually. – Damn that was good! – Daniel? – How was that kiss? – It was cozy. It was like that first-kiss-feeling… …it was soft too, good lips… …so that kiss gets a nine. – Mathias how was the kiss? – A little careful but very cozy so I give the kiss seven points. – I think it was cozy, perfect tempo, I really liked it so I’m giving it ten points. – Seven. – This lady gets an eight. – Guys, you can remove earmuffs and blindfolds. – Miss Kiss Me Baby is… …Sandra! – I’m super happy! I’m crowned Miss Kiss Me Baby! SPEAKER: 3,2,1 SPEAKER: Group hug!

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  3. she Was cute and all them was cute but the black girl woah she u g l y and I'm glad she won her and the last one was sexy

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