Keeping the Ball Low in Table Tennis

Hi I’m Alois from PingSkills. Today we’re going to show you how to focus on keeping the ball nice and low over the net. Keeping the ball low over the next is critical in table tennis. If you put the ball up higher it’s much easier for your opponent to make an attacking stroke. To help us to focus on how high the ball is going over the net we have just rigged up this string across the net. To rig this up for yourself you just need a piece of string, two sticks, I’ve just used some plastic sticks here, and some sort of clamp to clamp them on the net. So I’ve just wrapped the string around the top of the post there and all I do is I put it up next to the net and you use the clamp to hold it on. It’s easy to alter the height of the string by just pulling the stick down lower. Using this setup is great for me practicing my serves because that string really shows me how high the ball is going over the net. It really focus my attention on that. So let’s see if I can keep the ball nice and low over the net. Now if I get comfortable with the string being that high I can adjust it so now I can just pull the stick lower and the string will come down and I will do the same on the other side and then I will see how my serving goes. Now this looks like much more of a challenge. Let’s see how I go. Now hitting the net is fine because that means that it’s quite low. Now here is a really difficult level for me to try and get through. The ball can only just fit through. Alright, let’s see how we go. This really draws your attention to keeping the ball low over the net. It’s great for improving your low short serve. This setup can also be to keep the short push low over the net. In the rally the line can be used as a guideline as to how high the ball is going over the net. As you get better you can lower the string to make it harder. Keeping the ball low and short in Table Tennis is a really technical aspect. You need to be able to change the angle very slightly to keep the ball lower or shorter. It becomes a little bit too technical. The easiest way to learn is to have something like this, a string, a target to aim at and then you start to learn the game more naturally. You will naturally start to change the angle to keep the ball low. So don’t get too caught up in the angles of your bat, just look at your target and see how you can learn. So now it’s up to you go out and find some string, some sticks and some clamps and start your practice

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  1. Sometimes. As they get better they don't really need the string though. As long as you play close attention to the height of the ball you can get the same results.

  2. Hey guys ,,,
    What about Arabic subtitle?
    Its realy gonna help us , coz i only understand by watching .

    So if there Arabic subtitle , much easier. .

    Thanks for the great work !

  3. Sir I'm practicing hard but sir really confused for shots like forehand backswing as I'm a pen hold player.
    Your tips are perfect, perfect enough to master the skill but still need assistance in playing with a penhold style

  4. frankly speaking, ive been watching your videos for couple years and today i'm still watching it! you guys are my teacher virtually that help me a lot in improving my table tennis playing. Great work! i wish i could meet you guys one day.

    Greeting from Malaysia

  5. a moment of silence for all of those who went for the comments to see if he/she is the only one who didnt hear him in the video
    (btw i also checked in the comments xd)

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