Kean Alum Leads Elmora Troopers to the Little League World Series

The 1, 2 – bouncer back to Mateo! That’s your ball game! The Elmora Troopers are headed to Williamsport
for the 2019 Little League World Series. We represented Elizabeth, Union County, and
New Jersey in the Little League World Series, and we’re just extremely proud we were able
to bring the community together. I graduated Elizabeth High School in 1997,
and I was an athlete at St. Peter’s University. It didn’t work out right. I set a goal, and I accomplished that goal. I got into Kean. The professors here were amazing and definitely
helped guide me to the teacher that I am and the coach that I am. I graduated with honors. I got a job at Elizabeth High School and been
teaching there for 13 years now. No, it wasn’t the most traditional path, but
it was definitely one that’s worth telling a story about and hopefully inspiring kids
that felt that they can’t do it. Kids and athletes that you coach, they’re
smart. When they know that you’ve lived it, you’ve experienced it, and you can relate with what they are gong through…the sky’s the limit in the relationships you can build. These kids not only played baseball to the
finest ability, but they also represented themselves and our city in a national stage. They’ve been invited to the City of Elizabeth. We had a celebratory parade. The Union County Freeholder Board. They’ve been invited to Trenton. The governor came here and honored them, and
they’re even invited to Congress to walk the halls of the Capitol of the United States. Coach Labrador’s speech at the end of the
tournament united a community. For the rest of my life, I’m proud that
you guys are gonna call me coach. Alright? There’s dad, and there’s coach. I love you guys. Bring it in, boys. Hopefully the coaches that will coach after
me, they’ll have passion and attention to detail, a carefully thought-out practice plan,
and they’re gonna love their players. They’re just gonna develop a relationship
with their kids and their athletes that becomes a forever bond.

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