Karlie Taylor, senior OH | 2019 UNI Volleyball

to do but also passing. She is passing in all rotations for us when we need her to. She is one of our best defensive players and she has just grown her all around game which is a lot of fun to see. Here is that story on Karlie Taylor. Eddyville, Iowa native Karlie Taylor is the only player in UNI history to record multiple 500 kill seasons as a sophomore and junior. She also ranks 2nd all-time at UNI in kills per set with a career average of 3.86. Now in her senior season this first team All-Missouri Valley Conference honoree is determined to have a big year. Karlie Taylor is her own force. She is one of those people where the ball goes up and she is going to try and get after it and punch it to the ground. She brings a lot of fire to the court with those kills and really looking forward to seeing that again this season. She brings a lot of energy and power to the team. She has one of the fastest arm swings which I love because I love setting to that. I love knowing that if we don’t get a kill they are not going to be able to dig it well and we are going to get another swing out of it so I love that but she is really competitive on the court. If she makes a mistake you know you need to set it back to her because it is going to be the hardest hit you have ever seen. I go into the game trying to pop a ball. I know it is probably never going to happen but that is a goal of mine to just hit the ball as hard as I can. Hear the ball pop. I would say I go in with a lot of aggression. There is no doubt Karlie is the go-to offensive weapon for the Panthers. She has to help carry the team and replace her good friend Piper Thomas who was named the conference Player of the Year and MVC Tournament MVP in 2018 before graduating from UNI. Piper brought a certain kind of energy to every day. Every practice, treatment, lift, everything. She always brought a ton of energy and love for UNI Volleyball and the sport and everything that surrounds that so not having that here we have to find that kind of energy in each other and yourself because you don’t have Piper motivating you all the time getting you hyped up. So I think that is what I miss the most about Piper and something that I learned from her is that everything we do here is really hard and just pushing through it and toughening it out and in the end it will make you a better person and player. Expectations are high for Karlie to have a big senior season. She is one of the main reasons why the Panthers were picked to defend their conference title and get back to the NCAA Tournament for the 23rd time as a program. I think it is a whole really good team success last year and I think we are going to take that into this year as well. The next chance to see Karlie Taylor competing on the UNI campus is September 27th and 28th when the Panthers open up Missouri Valley Conference action. Still to come on this edition of Panther Sports Talk…we preview the men’s golf season and more highlights from the past week. This is Panther Sports Talk!

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