Kane Stephey | Baseball Youth | Swing Breakdown

Hey guys Eric Tyler with Baseball
Rebellion here and tonight we take a look at Baseball youth player to watch
Kane Stephey and so today we’ll take a look at what makes Kane so productive
and what makes him a player to watch for the future and so we’ll go ahead and
we’ll get into this and break it down. First off, I really like how athletic Kane
moves, you see right here in the stride he’s not afraid to gain ground. A lot of
times with with youth hitters his age we see a little bit of a shorter, stiffer
stride with Kane he does a good job moving his hips forward and gaining
ground towards the pitchers you see here gaining probably close to 6 to 8 inches
from where we start to as he moves forward he where he lands right there. So
he does a good job moving his body forward and preparing himself
athletically, now as the heel hits the ground he does a good job of keeping his
head behind his front hip so he has good posture in his stride. Now one
interesting thing I want to take a look at is as he rotates his stomach and
lower half open and the stride as you see there, he does a good job keeping his
hands in his back elbow pulled back. This allows him to separate his hips from his
upper body and allow him to create a lot of energy in his in his stride and prepare
himself to turn extremely fast so he does a great job here of starting to
rotate, you can see with the shirt wrinkles in his midsection starting to
rotate open but he’s doing a good job keeping his hands and elbows and chest
pulled back. Now one of the things one of my favorite things about Kane’s swing is
if I put a line in front of his face here, he does a great job of in the turn
you can see his head stays in the exact same spot, his front leg starts to brace
up, you can see that it’s bent right now and he uses it and braces it up and
straightens out his front leg which allows him to keep his head back and
continue turning the barrel. So he does a great job using his front leg and
keeping his head back in the turn. As you’ll notice here, another thing is back
foot at contact is actually off the ground showing just how fast he’s
turning and how explosively his turning and he does a good job of finishing in
keeping his back knee in front of his face which allows him to
continue working with his head back and getting the barrel up through and on
plane all the way through contact. Again there’s lots of love about Kane swinging
you can see why he’s so productive and why baseball youth has him as a player
to watch but but if I break it down simply he keeps his head back really
nicely, turns the barrel nicely and allows himself to be athletic. You can
see he’s not dragging the bat through the zone, you see the barrels actually in
front of his hands at contact and him keeping his head back and holding his
posture back allow him to turn the bat faster and upward more which allows him
to hit for more power and finish with great balance right there. Kane, you do a
great job of your head positioning with your balance keep it up man, everybody
check out Kane Stephey. Thanks guys.

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