Justin Langer facetimes Archie with exciting news about cricket

[Dialling] [Phone ringing] -Hello. -Hey how you going Archie? -Good thank you. -Who’s your favourite Australian cricketer? -Gary -Gary Lyon? -Yes. -Is he? I’m not sure if you know about
this but I’ve got some pretty special news for you. Do you know what it is? -No. -Well I’ve been watching a few highlights of
your cricket. I’m really pleased to tell you you’ve been
picked in the squad for the Boxing Day test match! -Yes! -You know that? How good is that? What do you reckon about that? -Thank you. -Hey and the other thing is mate, when the
test match is on in Adelaide we’ll get you -to come to the first training session with
us, ok? -Thank you! -I’m not sure at this stage if you’ll be in
the first eleven and play against India but -you’re definitely in the squad ok? We’re going to see you in Melbourne for the
Boxing Day test. -I’ll get Virat Kohli out! -Get Kohli out?! Yeah you’ll get him easy mate! [Laughing] -Easy done! -Easy done you reckon? Do you like batting or bowling more? -Bowling. -Do you? What do you bowl? -Leg spin. -Awesome, like Warney. -Yes. -Alright well listen I can’t wait to see you. Gary will be looking forward to seeing you
too. You can teach him about leggies, he can teach
you about off spinners ok? -Ok. -Well done again. See you mum and dad. -Thank you so much! -Good luck mate, good luck. -Bye.

100 thoughts on “Justin Langer facetimes Archie with exciting news about cricket

  1. 1:06 its really amazing to see that small kids are dreaming of getting kohli out even small kids knows greatness of kohli

  2. BCCI should do such good activities not only focusing on making money. This things will give so much of happiness for such families.

  3. Love you Archie from India…????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  4. His heart is weak, but his energy his passion is so strong, his enthusiasm is so incredible…you are truly our inspiration Archie…yes you do…may God bless you…our prayers r wt u.

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