52 thoughts on “Jurickson Profar’s first Major League At-Bat

  1. Now that Hamilton, Napoli, and Young are gone. I guess that gives room for this uprising star to make his name known and be a starter. Still…I will miss those guys

  2. yo estuve en la escuela con el, y se jugaba futbol en mi equipo en curacao Jong Holland/Genesis, y el tien 19 anjos! no seas envidioso hermano. eso es que llama puro talento natural!! jajaja envidiosooooo

  3. Geweldig!! En nu in het team Oranje, good luck!!!!! Maaak Curacao en de rest van het koninkrijk trots!

  4. you're ridiculous. Didi has shocked me so far w/ his bat really.. but in three years from now try saying the same thing. The kid is barely 20 years young.. just wait a few seasons til he gets a taste of it all and full major league at bats and it's over:) Kid will be a gem. Trust me.

  5. Well I mean, Andrus has been doing great lately. Yesterday he went 3-4 and Profar's average has been going downhill through out the entire season.

  6. You make a good point but Andrus is probably the best player the Rangers have next to Beltre and Kinsler.

  7. You trade neither of them. Elvis obviously isn't going anywhere…anytime soon with that new contract. At the beginning of the season I was all about trading Profar. But as of late he has been putting up some numbers and once he puts on more weight/muscle he'll be a beast. I mean the dude is like 160 lbs. Couple years people will be saying trout who?? But you make some great points but I don't see JD trading Elvis.

  8. He hits a homer ever 6 at bats because hes hit 8 in a year and a half and he is barely ever used. I bet he may hit 20 in 2014 i think hes gonna be similar to coco crisp

  9. Funny he might play again because Odor punched the shit out of that guy's face for running in to him.

  10. Jurickson Profar may be going to White Sox in a deal that would send pitcher Chris Sale to Texas.   After Sale cut up a bunch of 1976 throwback uniforms, I think the ChiSox would rather have Profar than Sale.

  11. May 26, 2013 – Twenty-year and 95 days old rookie shortstop Jurickson Profar becomes the youngest player in 55 seasons to start a major league career with a home run when he goes deep off Seattle's starter Hisashi Iwakuma in the Rangers' 4-3 loss at Safeco Field. In 1958, Lou Klimchock accomplished the feat for the A's at the age of 18 years, 348 days. – www.nationalpastime.com

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