Junker on All-Star selection: “I belong at this level”

THEY SIT ATOP THE PINCKNEY DIVISION STANDINGS … IN A TIE WITH THE BATAVIMUCKDOGS, WHO THEY’VE BEEN BATTLING WITH FOR THE DIVISION LEAD ALL SEASON LONG. WEST VIRGINIA WITH FOUR ALL-STARS THAT WILL BE SUITING UP FOR THE “BLUE TEAM” ON WEDNESDAY … AND I CAUGHT UP WITH ONE OF THE ALL-STARS, PITCHER CAMERON JUNKER, EARLIER TODAY. CAMERON JUNKER: “Working on little things every day, it just shows that, one thing, I belong at this level after being drafted this year. It gives me the confidence going forward. But I think it’s just showing up, and going about your business the right way everyday. And it’s just showing that it pays off.” RYAN WE’LL HAVE HIGHLIGHTS OF TONIGHT’S GAME COMING UP AT 11. MORE REACTION FROM JUNKER LATER THIS WEEK. RYAN

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