what what is up everybody welcome back to the
channel another episode of world record Wednesdays we break or set a world
record every single Wednesday today I’m joined by Colin of that’s amazing
say hello Collin – Hello! you guys all know Colin because Colin is in two of my
most viewed videos ever today is going to be me versus six-year-old trickshot
genius are you ready Colin yeah food needs
gonna win it we’re gonna do five different competitions and there’s gonna
be bottle flipping basketball dice stacking and and more so make sure you watch the
end that panel final challenge might include a world record as well
Colin you ready for first competition yes okay it’s going to be the fastest
person to bottle flip on one two three four five six seven all seven of these
boxes and come on I think I should go first and then we’ll just let you
destroy me here we go Colin can I trust you to keep the timer
going yeah okay and I also need you to get out of my way
so let’s go over tell me when to go and you’ll press the red button yeah oh
my god Oh Oh getting nervous
oh my gosh 21.9 seconds are you nervous yeah that was pretty good
that was maybe the best table thing I’ve done in a while that last one I study
practicing a little hard are done I struggled with easy ones okay let’s see
kick on it’s pretty fast 21 seconds you think you could beat that yes okay
I’ve agreed to help Colin scoot his chair after the fit box because he can’t
reach the table without the chair that’s fair
you ready three two one go I mean 18 seconds okay so come on you
went out like this oh boy I hope I stand at one of these
competitions competition number two I like to think I might have a chance of
this one this could be the first to make five baskets I’ll be shooting on the
ten-foot regulation hoop Colin will be over here on the smaller hoop even
though he just made that even though he is able he wanted to let you guys know
he is capable of shooting like 10-4 whoo right buddy also call yet this line
right here and I will be at this line right here first to make five calling
you ready yeah three I got a treat my hold on hold on
doesn’t count does it go ready let’s go it’s a regular Caleb okay three two one
go Oh you sure you ate five you sure you see my ball bounced over the fence
yes I was gonna beat you that slowed me down
alright Colin you win again. comment what sport you think Colin’s gonna play when
he grows up you can see me basketball you he’s his football skills baseball
skills soccer skills leave a comment what sport he should play when he grows
up really thought I had him with this one had my ball not bounced over I might
have beat the six-year-old but guys if you are not subscribed maybe your that’s
amazing fan that found this video make sure you subscribe because I’ve got
videos every Monday every Wednesday every Saturday we do all sorts of trick
shot challenges and World Records says a lot of funds make sure you subscribe and
click that bell also huge shoutout to Whistle Sports make this video happen they have
been helping me with my episodes of World Record Wednesdays for the last
several weeks and so go check out whistle sports if you haven’t yet Colin
are you ready for the next competition competition number three is all about
consistency so it’s not a race you can take your time it’s about doing the
fewest attempts to accomplish these four tasks stacking four dice nailing a cat
clip throwing a ping-pong ball into the cup and then popping the balloon with a
dart okay okay so fuse attempts total wins this round let’s see it Colin okay
so far one attempt I mean I did it live on Ellen that’s not
a big deal oh okay to finish it off how many Tim’s and he
gets it sixteen total attempts that’s pretty impressive Collin okay my turn
give me advice for me take your time what’s a couple up slow okay I don’t
think I’ve done dice packing since last time I visit you guys so hopefully I can
still still do this let’s see did all right one that’s the one I’m most
nervous about the Catholic if I’m being honest one two okay what am i up for seven eight nine
I’m come back to it okay no I missed you did 16 right yes 15 I
thought I left 16 make this we tie Colin you’re too good at this stuff dude
you’re too good you practice a lot yes yeah maybe next video it’ll be a
juggling competition you versus me okay well we still two more competitions kick
on here’s the next challenge this one is throwing frisbees the disc golf net here
we’ve got three cones one two and three points for me for you will double it to
for six points for you you can choose where you want to be for your tin
frisbee throws so there’s a lot of points up for grabs and you’re up first
you said right okay all right here you go yeah okay one or two points you sure oh my gosh doesn’t risk for each element
right so that’s 8 and 10 points oh boy okay
ten points that’s pretty good dude you want to you want a little risky there at
the end how do you feel about your your your risky decision at the end to go for
the big points I just wanted to get like more voices I wanted you I was going for
like yeah go baby go true alright my turn okay I’m the I
don’t think I can mess around with any one pointer so I’ll have to on the start
the twos he’s never nervous I’m getting nervous now for the time I
want boy in one club kitchen this is what all the winds picking up Brodie
Smith! Hey okay we are tied I’ve at least tied the six-year-old ladies and
gentlemen your company I’m gonna step back please last three you did it I’m
gonna honor your your wrists from before for the win I need to make a long one finally I beat this six year I would
talk smack and and be more confident but he’s six years old so I fry shouldn’t be
that excited that I beat him on to the next competition good job Colin Colin
you’ve done a great job this competition I I only got one win so it’s it’s three
to one right now but this competition is worth five million points this last
competition is going to be who can do normal bottle flips the longest the most
in a row without messing up and I have a feeling Colin’s gonna destroy me at this
which which gave me idea this should also be today’s world record so Colin is
able to go for as long if I think he’s able to this will be the world record
for the youngest person to deal with 100 bottle flips if you haven’t make sure you subscribe to Josh Horton
and that’s amazing so are you ready yes okay let’s do it
I’m gonna try to keep up for as long as I can
three two one go all right there I’ll let you continue
that let’s do a count 100 bottle slips in a row by a six-year-old that’s
incredible good job Collin you’re in the zone that
was so so good so new world record youngest person to do 100 consecutive
bottle flips congratulations and let you keep going it’ll still count actually
just keep up I’ll do the outro all you do that you keep count make sure you
guys subscribe if you haven’t yet Oh 263 gosh good job Collin
so scratch that I’d let Colin go longer he did 263 pretty incredible
congratulations on your new world record and then probably most consecutive for
a six year old as well there’s probably lots of Records you’ve just set to pay on how
you phrase it thank you so much for watching one make sure you subscribe you
haven’t yet make sure you check out whistle sports make sure you subscribe
that’s amazing for awesome trickshot following videos their channel is super
fun to make sure you subscribe links to all that in description love you guys
got Instagram chat every single video I mean they are calling you love one very
good call the solids again and that’s all for now we’ll see you later Oh

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