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this is sean plouffe from
soon going to take a look at Jose Bautista this is a guy who I studied in
2010 when he went from 13 home runs in 2009 253 home runs in 2010 he was able
to change his swing mechanics and became the best home run hitter in baseball now
he does a lot of things here and what I’m going to point out to you I want you
to really pay attention to the barrel of the bat the hands and what’s happening
the forces acting on the handle to make the barrel do what it does and it’s very
hard to see if you haven’t done this movement or felt what it’s like I’m
going to try to show you some other examples of other hitters and hopefully
you’ll get a better idea of what changed and what he was able to do to become the
best hitter in baseball so everyone pointed to the fact that he added a leg
kick yes he added a light kick but that’s not really what made the
difference for him to me it was this position right here where he’s able to
tip the bat up you see he’s holding the barrel more forward than he was before
earlier in his career the bat would be kind of back at a 45-degree angle and
then he would try to push the barrel forward from there and what he’s done
here is he’s loaded his hands he’s brought the barrel up and this action
back here where the barrel is going backwards and then around and into the
baseball he creates kind of a corkscrew effect around the hands with a bear was
going backwards creates some momentum and then carries around and into the
baseball the swing is starting here that first inch of barrel movement backwards
is where the swing is happening and think about what the hands have to do to
make that happen to make the barrel go in this direction this is the key to
what Batista did to become the best hitter in baseball up here with the
hands and the bat letting the barrel of the bat spin around the hands and into
the baseball I’ll show you some more examples here this is a take and we can
learn a lot from the take even though it’s a pitch out here you’ll see this on
his other takes as well where these really getting the back going when you
see the barrel kind of tips up so he’s he’s in his stance the barrels down as
the pitch comes it throws the barrel of the bat up and forward this is a loading
action of the hands that you’ll see in all the great hitters and I’ll get to
that in a moment but from here to here this is where bat speed has created this
is where you’ll see the takes from all the great hitters start to look like
this where the barrels coming backwards and down and then around and into the
baseball here it is side by side notice how the barrel of the bat isn’t it it’s
in different positions on the right it’s a little bit higher a little bit more
tips forward apologize for the quality but you see how much deeper he’s able to
get with this barrel on the right and how much longer his hands stay back his
hands stay hidden back here whereas on the Left he’s just kind of getting there
and then pushing them forward you seemed like the body jump a little bit this is
exactly what a lot of amateur hitters I get do they’re pushing their hands and
the baton to the ball instead of using momentum and giving himself a head start
create early bat speed and then letting Matt continue around and into the
baseball they’re here is he made the adjustment and he’s feeling himself look
at him he’s jumping up like sammy sosa and he’s really gotten it
he’s letting the hands really work twist the barrel around the hands and into the
baseball here on this pitch he’s fooled he’s way early with the leg kick and
everything maybe an off-speed pitch but you see with this type of Swing the
hands are able to stay back the bat speed is created back here and you’re
able to adjust your able to adjust the off-speed and location and still hit
baseball is hard this is most likely a home run and you see how full he is very
rarely will you see and make contact like this but still a great swing
because the swing is happening back here the adjustability the pre swing
movements this is what separates the elite hitters from not and he’s still
able to because he created early bat speed up here just continue and adjust
and let that bat speed run into the baseball out in front let’s take a look
at some other hitters who have the same kind of characteristic here’s Hank Aaron
and notice the take same kind of action with the barrel that you saw in Jose
Bautista this is what Jose incorporated into his swing he learned how to use his
hands he learned how to create momentum with the bat you see the exact same bat
path here even on a home run now this is hank aaron so what happened was Jose
Bautista was able to incorporate what Hank Aaron does and Ted Williams same
thing with the hands tipped the bat forward spin the bat around the hands
favors Barry Bonds jimmy fox and Rogers Hornsby what
Bautista learned is a controlled shortened version of this now if you
practice this you’ll probably get the feel that Jose Bautista had and that’s
really the key to seeing what he was able to change in his swing this has
been sean plouffe from catch you next time oh my god oh my god
if I die I’m a legend when they lay me down to rest I know I was always reppin
oh my god all night my words been my greatest weapon I know I i know i bin
the coast greatest blessing

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  1. Iv watched all of your videos & already subscribed on your channel for more… Good job man 🙂

  2. I have seen everyone try to break down Bautista video but you are the 1st one that really explain in detail his hitting techniques and make it make sense KUDOS very well done

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