Jordan Spieth nous parle de son simulateur de golf Full Swing

the accuracy the technology of my full-swing golf simulator is second and on I go in there I can see my spin rates I can see my launch angle my launch direction I can watch the ball it’s not like hitting into a net I can actually watch the ball react on certain greens and I can even play the golf course as I play on tour I’m able to work draws I’m able to work fades I can hit it higher lower currently I’m working on trying to shape a bit of a draw I feel like that’s gonna be the best advantage for me in the US Open on the simulator I’m able to see it I’m able to see it right away I know what I’m doing correctly I know kind of the feeling I’m working on with my instructor I can just walk upstairs and get good reps on it without having to worry too much about the conditions the heap kind of tiring out it makes it very easy oh it’s definitely the best yeah I wanted to put the best in the house I wanted to put the most accurate that was exactly where that would have gone way right I wanted to put a simulator that I could play the golf courses I could set the conditions that you’ll see that week I can set you know firm fairways and and and firm greens and then you can kind of see what kind of launch you have to have into it ideally right on that was 72 172 it really is an unbelievable preparation for what I do for a living most of the time now my friends just want to play these different golf courses you know they come out and watch me play on tour and they want to kind of play the course themselves some of the most fun stuff is closer to the pin challenge that’s that’s a good time we throw it on some of the most famous par threes in the world and I get some buddies over here and and kind of see what they can do and then step up and try knock it inside as a kid if I had one in my house I think it’d have been very beneficial I would have gotten a lot of good reps in when I wanted good reps and I would’ve been able to have fun with it which is you know as important as anything in the game of golf big drill I think it’s gonna grow the game from a younger generation I think that kids are gonna enjoy it more they love video games this is can be a driving ranges can be a very accurate driving range and it can be you know a fun time too mess with your friends and it’s very convenient it’s very easy and again you don’t really tire out you can get a lot more done in a short period of time

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