JOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! || Volleyball Unbound Pro Beach Volleyball Episode 33

Volleyball Unbound Pro Beach Volleyball Yes Guy Gaming FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour Volleyball Game oh I’m on it what an idiot hitting on to
go wide yeah Oh wrong button dang it my Joe Joe hello and welcome back to yes
guy gave a we’re back playing volleyball I’m bound blowin this game coming off a
big episode of last episode if you haven’t seen it check out the link in
the description head back and check that one out we’re on the journey trying to
get the last bunch of tournaments in keep our ranking high as we head into
the Olympics the world event tournament at the end of the four years were in
season four or for some how early ranked third in the world after just wow check
out the last episode you can see but I realized that a lot of these guys skills
are already maxed out so we can’t go any further so we might have to develop a
shot or a good set or something anyways we’re gonna hide for the next tournament
let’s get to hey way to the non-existing crowd boys yeah we all need a
continental masters tournament not even a World Tour event it’s just a
Continental tournament so I don’t know we’ll see how this goes it might be a
bit shorter depending but it is on harvest the artists difficulty levels so
we had a couple of battles these last few episodes
anyways boys let’s go you guys freaking ready to go how do I play this game
again oh we planned Casta and Gomez we played them twice
they’re fairly average they both got that high arm power though they may be
made in the gym doesn’t matter who we serve let’s just serve tough how do i
play again yep pass up nice set me on Joe what’s open cut always on that good
take Joe I should hit down to count it oh wow did you block that yes Joe
chingu jock buddy what a rally to start this game and we just saved
joe pounds it off the tape the guy got what
yeah don’t pounds it off the tape guy digs it up Joe wait
geez these replays Joe blocks it into the net love it here we go okay so it
doesn’t matter what guy let’s hit down the seam get up there Joe
block the centre sure Joe reaches back and slams him what joke nice buddy
two blocks to star that’s obviously the right move
let’s try a spin serve down the middle nice block the center joe yeah joe again
with a block again Joe come on what blocking the center the way to go
there just reach over in slammer and sure let’s try it again let’s see it
let’s see if I can do it again bring it down the middle
Joe blocks the center see if I got another block upper bounds what is
happening this pressure from Joe right now do it again buddy
lock that Center can’t believe I’m trying this block the center Joe just
yeah you wave to the crowd Joe you deserve it after that performance last
game man that was freakin sweet alright here we playing Kenny Silas and Avalos I
remember these guys not crazy I think I really dive in Kenna’s Alex before I
remember saying that in a previous episode and as honest yeah so that’s the
guy he’s a great center I think it’s pretty obvious all right here we go go
boys Kenny’s honest we’re coming after you
let’s serve them like up the gut and Joe’s gonna block Center and I’m just
gonna dig a roll shot what let’s go how did I run right by
that almost nice pass Joe pound it punching it back into the stands yes I’m
going on – every time I’m greedy because Joe had a great game last game with all
those blocks so I gotta get some I gotta get something going myself block the
center Joe we’ll see if that works again I’m on it
I read that completely what’s the play balance it but with that in and still yeah like that was in right okay good
because I didn’t hit it well I think I’m looking for the bounce off the glory
play block the center Joe why it’s a new thing hmm maybe not all
right pass up you Joe oh yeah pound it chew ass big swing
come on just a fist in the air no Sully just that nice all right kids Attis over
you that’s an aggressive serve let’s block the right side I’ll peel Joe I’m
on it back play yo that’s a weak shot but stores yes Joe could you get a
little bit better Joe that’d be great thank you all right for the wind Joe
let’s finish it off ken azadus get up there block the left side Joe we’ll run
a switch play on him and switch it did you get over top of you Joe
it is gonna hit that over top are you kidding me Joe I thought you’re the
biggest guy around fight you Joe oh no set that yeah don’t go on to set that
easy roll shot Joe what are you thinking I got that cuz I’m greedy line gosh not
the right side Joe buddy I had you blocking Center and
you’re doing this and that I have you pull out the right side and you’re
reaching back into the court you greedy guy although I did take that dig when it
was right out him for all shoot let’s go you Joe I’ll set you come on buddy put
it away nice finesse Joe since when buddy I
don’t want you to finesse I want to eat a pound let’s go deep corner for the win
come on walk the right side I’m like a frickin dick I’m on it yeah right here
Joe that what’s open deep cross yes come on let’s go Joe he was right there what
was I thinking hey boy were in the semi-final that’s
dull come on but a couple of close games I better get
focused early and I don’t want to be in a hole or having some topkapi movie
playing Ode and Graham played these guys before Graham is the best center in the
world so you know we’re going to him all right Graham after we side out that is
yep now put me on Joe what’s open sharp angle jeunesse he was on it too I wasn’t
even paying attention to the block you guys should have what’s that about wait
who’s reserving I’m losing focus Graham Graham was a guy you know there Joe
block the left side I’m gonna make a dig just react may just react said I’ve got to just react with my left
stick but also be always pressing with my right thumb yeah put me on Joe what’s
open the sneak yes it is oh wait is he gonna dig me free ball Joe you come on
buddy put it away I’ll get you covered Joe a way to make
them shank it nice great play okay two one all right Joe over to Graham pound
that shit partner get up there block the left side watch watch watch oh he
totally faked now I thought for sure he was gonna hit it and Graham is actually
pretty good all right pass up whoa that accelerated on its way to me raisi
here we go shoot we’re in a fricking battle yep in
the middle what’s open this way oh all right we got to fight this off
that was a huge mistake fight this off Joe come on buddy I believe in you yes
Joe come on all right we’re gonna switch it up and go – oh he’s the smaller guy
less angles I think we’ve got a better chance even though they’ve got other
guys a great setter thought the right side on Joe Joe Joe coming in clutch
yeah buddy so clutch Joe okay call I mean I want to
serve that guy do it again let’s get on him walk the right side Joe free ball
Joe off the antenna come on right call to serve this guy at this point let’s go
let him again Joe on the right side Joe I got the left watch I got you coverage
o cross yes come on Joe that is so clutch are you kidding me I will take
that all right went into the final there’s been a battle rally cap time
let’s go boys and girls come on now here we go oh and look who
it is it’s Euler and gentle and look at their
stats holy shit what the hell am I gonna do guys
they are really really good we’re three and one against them but I don’t know if
we play them on this high difficulty so boys shot and spike are both maxed
contra is Max job but not max spike they’re both equal setters the stamina
seems irrelevant so I think it’s gotta be cancer oh geez he’s also only
slightly shorter gosh look at these guys achievements great games gold World
Championships silver yeah we got the gold five times
Oh Lady let’s go Joe now I’m in Simon I freaking inspired to beat these guys you
Joe oh yeah two ball for sure yes off the
top come on all right I’ve already forgotten who we said dang it natural
maybe yeah I hope I forgot I’m I was such a shit memory Joe I had that I
didn’t really have that jeez to tools to start we got it we’re gonna have to side
out really well yeah Joe geez I have to set him cover I
got you covered yeah nice job be smart
oh you lucky son of a B Joe man that could have been bad hmm let’s try him
again nice Joe get up and block the left side
great block Joe block the right side on this guy now watch watch I’ve never had
a chance on defense f.cuz hey let’s touch everything G wait we got that hold
on how did we get that I’ll show replay right yeah what the hell happened there I will take
it that is a huge break we did not deserve that point up there block the
left side Joe Joe dig it I’m on it up here Joe you lucky guy Joe
that you put that away man that was so dumb I’ve been so
automatic set ball come on pound it Joe maximum rep yeah here we go
block the left side protect it go Joe oh I was a bit late damn it
side out for the set win come on Joe you know I’m looking to go on to you I got
you we have to play D now get up there buddy oh I’m on it what an idiot hitting
on to go wide yeah Oh wrong button dang it my Joe Joe
alright we’re up one set to none Krauts silent we’re on a Cantrell get there Joe
walk the left side watch watch watch watch you fucking bounce that damn it
let’s go Joe pass up yeah up on the net Joe what’s open thank you for moving
away from where I know I’m gonna hit it find it line pretty much every time deep
cross at this guy Joe nice serve block the left side has a great setter Joe to block that please say yes
Joe who’s slamming it into the net that’s a shit slam oh here we go that was weaker Joe Joe get the hell out
there make a dig I’m uh yes Oh Joe what are you doing like the right side wait
wow that was a perfect shot oh my god I know chance on that yeah so that guy’s
definitely the better guy we’ve been going to cancel the right guy
that was a really good shot yeah put me on what’s open
cross yes I love that they can’t block me though I’m hitting it so high that’s
so nice all right let’s go push these guys it’s a big point Joe get up there
and block the left side on him come on you been great so far though I have no
threat on the line chase dang it having it cut even once yet that’s up yep Joe
on the net big side out needed here No all right we’re in a battle now pass
up geez Joe on the net great set gosh I’m gonna have to make a dig no boys Joe
come on all right get into five for all the
marbles these guys are pretty good Joe but now they’re serving you so I can
bounce it come on let’s go love it when they serve you over to Cantrell found it
nice over on the left side there Joe I’m gonna make a play come on come on Joe
come on deep that’s a dig we’re in this rally watch ya Joe put me on the net
please Joe get up there Joe why did you shank that Joe you see all the work I’m
doing there jeez 1 1 stay aah you Joe yeah I’m gonna have to set you
there nice set by me Joe deep middle really I’m on it Joe come on get up
there Joe we’re still in this rally fake fake hey no all right here we go pass up
NASA you Joe alright buddy clutch it out although I screwed it up
dang it that’s my bad go go no man that’s all my fault
ok we’re really gonna need to fight here really gonna need to fight here you Joe
I’ll pound that jazz so lucky so lucky office block alright right now would be
a great time for a big night I’m gonna stay down and just go deep here Joe
block the left side we’re gonna make a dig hate him made him no Joe you were so
there buddy just out of bounds ok huge huge side out
you Joe why am I going on – because I’m so clutch come on Joe we got one chance
for this you time to rip an ace pound it Joe get up there block the left side
wait wait wait I’m on it come on Joe no free ball
yep Joe right here what are you doing Joe oh my goodness Joe that’s twice in
one rally you went on – you are so lucky you scored that’s clutch though we’ve
tied it up deep cross Joe pound it buddy get up there pluck the left side Joe
watch meat I’m on that Joe come on come on Joe you lazy it’s hard to make dibs on hard driven
balls like that here we go pass up to keep the game alive you Joe jeez give me
a good set put it away cross chip us Joe Jess Joe
yes Joe so clutch Joe now we need an urn doc the left side buddy I have to make
you a frickin dig Joe I’m telling you to block the left side and you leave it
wide open big sign out here hopefully Joe passes it well you Joe yep just god
I am least on that no block this is a frickin fight let’s go Joe if their
block the left side I know you’re tired just do your job
I’m on it nice Holly Joe the lefty turning this way placing it it’s a big
dig by me though all right Joe’s tired so you’re gonna float it up here like
this get up there Joe block the left side date ah NASA NASA I am nervous
there’s way worse than playing a wheel volleyball game you Joe I will set you
because you’ve done some good things Joe Wow yes yes
Joe this is a scrap Wow to the developer of this game you have done such a good
job yeah oh come on oh it wasn’t ready for that
oh here we go big sigh dojo are you kidding me what sir
fight it off Joe you come on my way you Joe
come on buddy put it away no block wow they just don’t blocked you and Doug you
free chance Joe you’re one balled it over lock the right side Joe alright guys well that’s gonna do it for
this episode of volleyball unbound soul pits
what about Oh did you see that ace oh my gosh I’m gonna have nightmares about
that anyways thank you guys so much for watching and making it all the way
through this video that was an exciting episode I gotta say I had a fine for the
long Joe anyways you liked the video hit that
like button if you haven’t already hit subscribe would really really appreciate
that thank you to all the support you guys have shown to this channel this
series despite volleyball series all the other stuff on the channel I really
really appreciate that but thank you again so much for watching we hope to
see you next time on yes guy gaming Volleyball Unbound Pro Beach Volleyball Yes Guy Gaming FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour Volleyball Game

7 thoughts on “JOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! || Volleyball Unbound Pro Beach Volleyball Episode 33

  1. Joe with them center blocks in the first match was on fire but dammit he couldn't carry it into the final. Haha It was so close and could have gone either way but I'm sure next time my fellow Canadians will get revenge! Great stuff man!

  2. Joe always surprises me… Sometimes hes a pain in the neck. Sometimes during a crucial match and we need a point hes the Risk Taker. So lesson learn??? ________________

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