JOOLA Inside, Quattro, World Cups S & Tour Table Tennis Table Assembly (Newest Models)

assembly instructions for the inside Quattro World Cup s and tour tables unlatch the anti tilting device and unfold the automatic likes then lock the angle brace attach brackets to legs with the bolt two washers and nut leaving slack to slide t-bar in slide t-bar into brackets and place a bolt and washer through the holes add another washer and nut then tighten making sure not to over tighten with another person carefully flip the table house right side up then roll each half flush to attach the net post unscrew the tube from the post frame twist off the cap and take out the threading cylinder thread the cylinder into the net and slide into the to push cap back on and slide the tube into the post frame while adjusting the height leveler into the bottom of the to attach net set to the table and enjoy Yola for the champion in you an official sponsor of us a table tennis

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