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– Hi! Holly Barras, here and you’re watching Join the Team. A video series exploring what it takes to be an athlete at the many sports teams we have here at Columbia College Chicago. This episode we thought it’d be fun to see what it’s like to be a volleyball player. So, let’s see if I have what it takes to join the team. – Holly Barras here for Frequency TV and we’re here at the South Loop Elementary School with Renegades Volleyball Team at the spring semester tryouts. They placed first in the league last fall so if I want to make the team, I got to give it the best. Here goes nothing. Let’s do this – So, can we start with your name and position on the team? – Yeah, my name is Ciaria, and I’m the president of Renegades Volleyball I’ve been playing volleyball since the third grade. all throughout high school, my first year of college and I then I took over the team a year ago this semester. This is my second full semester. – I heard you guys got first in the league last fall so what are some of the highlights you feel like you had last semester?
– It was really cool because we had 20 people who were really good enough to be on the team, and play in a competitive league. In the past that hasn’t been the case. We actually had two teams in the league. Which was fun because we got to play each other. And then we ended up; It was a charity league so we ended up winning some money for Dear Jack which is a charity that helps families. – Tell me about the different levels of experience of the team. – Yeah! So we have people we’re like never play for like literally don’t know anything about the sport of volleyball All the way up to people who play all through high school and all through competitive club and I played one year of college volleyball. columbiacollegevb so, ‘VB’ stands for volleyball. That’s both our Instagram and Facebook Well. That’s it for this episode of Join the Team. As you can tell vollyball’s a really tough sport, but these guys make a lot of fun. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to see what team I’ll be joining next. From Frequency TV, I’m Holly Barras. Until next time…

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