100 thoughts on “Jodie Foster Skipped Her Fantasy Football League This Year

  1. A reasonable next step would be to ask for some fucking evidence.
    And stop putting men's faces all over the news until it's actually a legal case.

  2. C'est incroyable ! je ne savais pas que c'était elle qui faisait le doublage en Français dans ses films ! Très impressionnant Madame Foster !

  3. I met Jodie at a accupunturist i worked at. I was her massage therapist and she actually flashed me her breasts!! wasnt the best tipper though… lol but it was still pretty cool

  4. The urban legend that Jodie Foster speaks really good French is a hoax. She has a slight northern accent. And what gives her up is that she is way too bright to have a northern accent. So I know it's a fake.
    Yeah, aside from this she speaks French better than most people over here. That's ok. I speak English better than your President

  5. Could someone please explain to me why he feels the need to point out that she's been making movies for 'over 50 years' at least three times?

  6. If she ran for President I'd vote for her. Watching her skewer Trump in presidential debates would be a generational treat.

  7. i wasn't really interested to watch this interview but I remembered she have a way of talking and wanted to listen again. But, she's still beautiful!

  8. SORRY, DON"T BUY IT. Too little, way too late – should have spoken out decades ago. If she cared about women being victimized, she would have spoken out loud and clear and helped lots of women. Plus, this is definitely not just a male problem – plenty of female executives are guilty of sexual harassment.

  9. Nice. But Stephen is a bit wrong at the end, saying that the translation for the title of the movie ( "Le silence des agneaux" ) doesn't sound scary. As scary for a French speaker as when in English for an English speaker.

  10. Acting isn't a big deal. Everybody does it. It's the writers and directors that nail the atmosphere.
    "I am amazed then I remember I can do it too"; tells you all you want to know about make believe and pretending.

  11. Why is it, that whenever an “older” woman comes on a show like this, there’s always talk about how she looks for her age no matter what. There’s never as much comments about that topic when it’s a man, it’s a shame really.

  12. she's talented , smart (which I love the most about her) , badass , has aged so well (hard to believe Stephen is only 2 yrs younger to her, seems like 10 yrs older to her). A completely perfect person in most possible terms ?

  13. no purpose of offending anyone but homosexuals are so much greater than heterosexuals, I mean look at this woman she's a perfect paradigm of a intelligent and sane person ?

  14. 'The Lion in Winter' … see it.

    Katharine Hepburn (as Eleanor of Aquitaine); "[to her jewelry] I'd hang you from the nipples, but you'd shock the children."

  15. Not too bright. In only 11 months Trump has done more good for this country than the past 4 Presidents combined over the past 25 years. Keep bashing him assholes, he's only getting started and you millionaire leftist fucktards are going to look like the biggest schmuck holes going at the end.

  16. Toto , I don' t believe we 're in Kansas anymore..Follov Your Yellow Brick Road. He who looks outside dreams. He who looks inside wakes. -Carl Jung. Oh no , not Again.

  17. "I feel like I don't have any credentials as an actress". No. You have not. Sure. … Only two f…. Academy Awards!

  18. How fucked are your beliefs to be gay and want children? You are either too stupid to know how that works or too stupid to procreate. Either way, do the planet a favor and leave naturally born and raised kids out of your "mission". I don't care at all about someones sexual preference, but I do find it BS that "couples" that cannot produce children, force their BS into schools and society.

  19. She's one of those highly impressive, highly intelligent and wonderfully made individuals I have ever seen on film. She is one of my idol of an actress and she has proven herself as a very good model as an individual and as a woman who can do all sorts of things and still be feminine at that. More power to you and may your Star shine as brightly as the noon day sun coz gurl, you can spread a lot of sunshine here,right here, right now!Thank you a lot for being you!

  20. Foster is an impressive person. She's borderline genius with one of the highest IQ's in hollywood. For example she learned to read and speak fluently at age 3 and as you see in this video speaks very articulately in both English and French. I speak English and French but my French is a couple of years of highschool French .. she is actually fluent with both written and spoken Francais. There's more, but they didn't bring it up and I'm sure many people don't realize just how incredibly brilliant Jodie Foster is. Quite an intriguing Actor and Person.

  21. It's so nice to see a Hollywood actress aging naturally and gracefully away from those who still rely on survey and BOTOX … She directed quite good movies and I guess she's improving as a director. She' s may be old for acting (Hollywood shit policy) but as a director the best is still to come. Yes her French is perfect I live in France and can confirm it, she just has a very slight accent we can only notice when she confuses the masculine and feminine nouns something kinda hard to master 100% for English natives.

  22. Jodie Foster is the only person I know whose first language isn't French but who can still speak it without an accent. It's really impressive how she dubbed her own movies, I'm French myself and didn't realize it until I read it online a couple of years ago.

  23. Fantasy Football is life!
    check out more FPL

  24. so hate that people say silence of the lambs is scary..its not. its a psychological thriller..not a horror movie. but as soon as something isnt a disney cutsie tootsie crap, its scary….

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