Jimmy Fallon and Tiger Woods Go Golfing

-I think I got it here. Ooh! Alright. What was that? 2…
Was that a 6? -15.
-15. Yikes. Oh, my goodness. -On the bright side,
day’s only gonna get better. -Yeah.
-Let’s go to the next hole. -Let’s go. I should probably rake out that
sand trap, though, huh? -Yeah, you were in there
for a while. -Alright, now, if I just get a hole in one
for the next nine holes… [ Clanking ] Dude, I think there’s
something down here. -It’s Jersey.
It’s probably a body. -No, no, no.
There’s, like, something buried. Tiger, I think there’s a
buried treasure. Oh, my God. It’s… It’s a box.
-It’s locked. How are we gonna open it? -Okay, ready? 1, 2…
[ Whimpers ] -I’m not going to hit you.
I know what I’m doing. Idiot.
-[ Whimpers ] [ Bird screeches ]
♪♪ Oh, my God. [ Growls ] I cannot believe what
I’m seeing. [ Screaming ] -Oh, my God! Yes! Yes!
-Oh, my God! [ Both cheering ] -♪ Here she come now, say,
“Mony, mony” ♪ -Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
We did it! We did it! [ Laughs ]
It’s real! -Oh, my God! -We did it! We did it!
-Whoo! -♪ Yeah ♪
-♪ Yeah ♪ -♪ Yeah, yeah ♪

17 thoughts on “Jimmy Fallon and Tiger Woods Go Golfing

  1. Would have been funnier if Tiger was standing behind Jimmy screaming, "WHAT'S IN THE BOX?!?!?" And it was Elin's head. Then Tiger says," Oh, ready for the next hole?"

  2. One thing I like about Jimmy is you know you’re not coming to his show to be embarrassed (Dave Letterman) or humiliated (Ellen DeGeneres). He just wants you to have fun no matter who you are or what you did

  3. On cable TV as a kid I tuned in to see tiger woods play because I had heard his name before, he took a swing and cursed up a storm unlike I had ever heard before and have since never heard from anyone else..

  4. I was a huge Tiger Woods fan until I saw the video of Tigers fathers burial plot. They have a rock under a bush for Tigers fathers unmarked grave. Why is this? It doesn't have his name are anything on it. His father was a decorated Cornell in the arm forces. What son would allow this. I heard he wasn't a good husband etc. He had several affairs and so on. Why hasn't the armed services stepped in also. But a rock shouldn't represent anyone's tomb stone. Even Charles Manson has a tomb stone.

  5. Ita great to see Tiger more loose and relaxed than 10 years ago, albeit i little more of his game from back then would be sweet!

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