Jim Parsons on His Connection with Baseball Star Justin Verlander

Hey You’re from Houston, right? I am. And are you– how do you
feel about the World Series? I feel– Are you into it? Yeah, yes. Yes, I’m into it. I’m into it. I know you’re a tennis fan. I don’t know about baseball. I do, and I do like
tennis more than baseball. No offense, baseball players. But no, I think the postseason
is exciting no matter what. When I lived in New
York for so long, the Yankees were in
almost every year, and it was just fun
to be a part of it. But Houston’s been
great this year, and it’s very nice,
especially after the hurricane and everything. Yeah. It reminded me of the
whole, in New Orleans, when the Saints won the
Super Bowl after Katrina. Yeah. It’s kind of got
that feeling to it. I don’t know. Yeah, well, that’s, I know. Because even though
I, of course, want the Dodgers to win,
because it’s Los Angeles, I feel bad about
Houston and I want– [AUDIENCE APPLAUSE] All right. They don’t even care. All right, you’ve
made your point. Yeah, I’m talking
about the hurricane, they don’t even care. Yeah, Dodgers! So you’ve posted a
picture of the pitcher– Justin Verlander. Yes. Yes. Well, this is probably
my biggest interest in it this year. I happen to work out with– Hey, there you go. I work out with
the same trainer. I don’t work out with
Justin, but I work out with the same trainer that
Justin works out with, and I met him at the gym. And he was the
nicest human being. So you became friends? Well, Not close, no. But we were in the
gym at the same time. I see. I see. To me, we’re very close now. He would probably be
glad to be your friend. I think he’d be fine
with it, but he hasn’t been ringing me on my phone. Did you find yourself competing
like with whatever workout? Oh, God, no. Ellen, no. No. I’m not a fool. I don’t want to
embarrass myself. Other than a ball
gown, I don’t want to embarrass myself
by working out in front of a Cy Young winner. No. By the way– I have standards. You mentioned your husband. Since I saw you last,
you got married. Congratulations. [audience cheers] Thank you. Thank you. I mean– How long have y’all
been together? 15 years this November. Yeah. I’ll tell you, I could
only come out here and have you nag
me about it so many more damn times before we
finally put a ring on it. I just thought you should. No, I know and I’ll
be honest with you. It was really, really special. It changes– People thing– I know you said it
would, and it’s true. Yeah. It really does feel different
when you’re married. And it’s profound. It’s hard to put words on it. Because it’s like, the
day to day doesn’t change. I mean, that’s why you did it. You love the day
to days with them. But there is something about
it I do treasure, too– we have been together
15 years, and getting married at that point was– I can’t imagine what
it must be like to get married a year into it. There’s nothing wrong with it. That’s not a judgment call. But like, it’s so different
than my experience. And especially when I think
of in my mid-40s doing this, when I think of my parents. My mother was 21, my father
had to have his parents sign for him because he was
20 and not legally, he couldn’t sign his
own marriage license. And I’m like, do you know
what I was doing at 20 or 21? Shh! Don’t tell anyone. I was not getting married. I couldn’t even pick what liquor
to drink, much less my life partner. You know? I don’t know. Well, there’s no need
to pick a liquor. You can drink anything you want. But now will you– do you want kids? Do both of you, or do you
both agree on not having kids? Dogs are fine with me.

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  1. Hi Ellen I love you so much and my mom is a single mother with three kids and one of her kids is a type 1 diabetic and all she wants, is to go to your 12 days of giveaways.

  2. Jim is such a natural and a talent we are lucky to have him around so poised and classy 🙂 Some actors can switch off a certain character after being on a show but Jim IS Sheldon y'all feel me?

  3. I have binged the Big Bang since last week starting from season 1 and I’m on season 9 now lol. I’ve even bought season 1,2,3 and 5 on iTunes so far. Best show ever

  4. Oh Jim, you are adorable! "Knock knock knock, Amy. "
    "Knock knock knock, Amy. "
    "Knock knock knock, Amy. "
    Big Bang Theory Rocks!

  5. I love Jim and my mind just can’t comprehend that he’s over 40.. he looks like early to mid 30s! 😱😱😱😱

  6. in your faces Mayim Bialik and Kaley Cuoco! California natives! your Dodgers lost! Jim Parsons, Houston, Texas native, congratulations to your Astros, 2017 World Champions!

  7. The fact that he is in his 40s just blew my mind… I knew he's older than he looks but I always figured he'e be like 30-33 but damn… this guy just doesn't age

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