Jerry Augustine headlines La Crosse Loggers Winter Baseball BBQ

FORMER UW-La Crosse AND MILWAUKEE BREWERS PITCHER Jerry AUGUSTINE IS BACK IN LA CROSSE TONIGHT. AUGUSTINE HEADLINES THIS YEAR’S LA CROSSE LOGGERS WINTER BASEBALL BBQ. Let me introduce to you the newest member of the News 8 sports team. BRYAN MCLOONE IS AT THE EVENT, AND JOINS US with more. Yeah thanks Gregg, I’m here at the Americinn, joined now by one member of the La Crosse Area Baseball Hall of Fame class of 2017, Fox Sports Wisconsin analyst Jerry Augustine. First of all Jerry thanks for joining us. What does it mean for you to receive this honor tonight? Well it is an honor first of all. I think anytime you receive an honor, it’s uh, you feel very humbled by it, which I am. And uh, La Crosse was like my third home. You know, you grow up, move to different places, and as a ball player I grew up in Kewaunee, Wisconsin. Then uh, was drafted after La Crosse, uh by Milwaukee Brewers. So I have three homes and La Crosse is very special. Bryan McLoone You’re going to be taking center stage here pretty soon. Are you nervous. Give us a little sneak preview of what you are going to be talking about.” I don’t know yet, I haven’t made the speech yet. No, it’ll be baseball. I’ll just get up there. You know, one thing you always do is when you go and speak is you kind of see what the audience is like. And you start throwing out a few tidbits here and there. And then you just go and I’ve done this a number of times so I’m sure I’ll talk about my career a little bit. Talk a little bit about the Brewers and talk, a few fun stories too. Can’t let you without at least asking you one question about the Brewers. They were 73-89 last year. What are you expecting from the Brew Crew this year? We were just looking at the ball club and opening day this year, technically you’re going to be seeing a lineup that has all positions different except for one guy and that’s Ryan Braun. So I think this is going to be a young team that’s exciting. I think the one place they have to do is they have to improve defensively. Congratulations, have some fun tonight. Jerry Augustine I definitely will. Thats what I”m here for.” Alright doors open here at 6, main event starts at 7. That’s it for me, Gregg lets send it back to you in the studio.

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