Japanese Baseball Game Experience

One thing we had to do in Japan, is experience
a Japanese baseball game. As a spectator, baseball in Japan is different
– very, very different and in this video we’re going to show you a few reasons why! Good evening good evening guys. Hello hello. Today is baseball (野球) game day. It is baseball in Japan. Yeah. We’re going to be watching a Japanese Baseball
Game. And it is our first time ever to do that. We are watching one of the one of two local
Osaka teams. They are called the Hanshin Tigers (阪神タイガース). And we just arrived at Koshien stadium (阪神甲子園球場). As you can see I’ve already picked up a new
hat. Fancy. I’m loving it and it was so easy to get our
tickets. We bought them online this morning. Yes. We just had to go on and scan in with the
barcode. Yeah. At a machine they spitted them out. They gave us real tickets. Yeah. And it was like I think they were it was 2,500
Yen so probably like $23 US dollars or something like that. So super affordable and we’ve also arrived
with appetites so I think our first order of business is going to be to grab some food. TEAM SPIRIT If you’re going to support your team, you
have to look the part. I picked up a Hanshin Tigers hat, but there
were far more dedicated fans with really clever outfits. (Anthem playing) Woah! We’re just about to start. (Fans cheering and music playing) FOOD Next up, food. Forget popcorn and hot dogs! Japanese baseball games offer an extensive
food selection at great prices. It’s good to arrive hungry! Guys check out all of the different unique
things you can get here at a Japanese baseball game. There is an extensive menu. We’ve got sushi, we have fried noodles, we
have octopus balls. A bit unusual but very tasty. So we got some snacks for the game. Yes. We got pizza. This is teriyaki pizza guys. Oh. And over here this one was really funny looking
if I can get it open. Check out that. A hotdog pizza. Yeah. It has got a hot dog and tomatoes. Yeah. How is that pizza? It is pretty good. I’m so hungry. Wow. So tell us what have you found now? So moving on to round 2 of dessert. I have found a chocolate churros. Yes. And inside of that is an ice cream. There is whipping cream and this is uh basically
a pancake. Like a crepe. A stuffed dessert. Stuffed pancake. Wow. Only at a Japanese Baseball Game. Indeed. BEER If you want to buy beer, you wave down the
‘uriko’, which are the women who carry beer kegs on their backs. The beer at the games is surprisingly affordable
too. CHEER When it comes to Japanese baseball (野球),
something fascinating is that each player has their own unique song and the crowds will
sing and dance when they’re up to bat. (Cheering and music) PLAY Even if you’re not a baseball fan, it’s
worth attending a Japanese baseball game for the atmosphere. The game is exciting, but the crowd’s energy
steals the show. Fun fact: games can end in a tie. That baseball game was a lot of fun. If you come to Japan you definitely have to
go to a Japanese Baseball Game.

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  1. Hey guys! Going to a Japanese baseball game was so much fun! I have a few questions for all of you in general and those living in Japan specifically. Firstly, do you like baseball (yes or no) and if so which team do you support? Also, the question I'm very curious about for those living in Japan, which sport (baseball or football/soccer) is more popular?


  2. I think football is taking over baseball.
    They used to put live games on TV but now I only see them on news channels and they just give us the recap and show the highlights. And it's true that even if you're not a big fan of Baseball, going to a baseball game is so much fun!

  3. I'm not really into baseball, though my grandmother is obsessed with it, but it's really cool to see how similar baseball is in Japan as in the US. Though those food prices…you go to a baseball game in the US, and everything is so overpriced and it doesn't look as amazing as this food. This video was super cool to see!

  4. Looks like plenty of fun & great place for some biru .. Haven't been to a Japanese baseball game before… Normally I'm in Japan during winter season… Did see some Japanese men playing baseball on a Sunday morning while I was walking to Shake Shack near Meiji Jingu Stadium….. also saw grown adults & young kids taking lessons on how to ride a bicycle around that street

  5. Baseball looks big in Japan and everything looks impressive large modern stadium and many fans wearing new replica shirts. Great.

  6. Totally agree on taking in a baseball game. I saw three plus a soccer match when I was in Tokyo. All sporting events are fun, but it's a nice way to experience the flavor of the local culture mixed in with best non scripted entertainment (IMO) ever invented by humans, with music not far behind. 👍

  7. I have always loved baseball since I was a 7 yr kid at my first game at Wrigley field! Although I seen many Cub games in the 60's 70' s Sam I am not a Cub fan I am a Cardinals fan! My dad & his twin sister who lived in Chicago were always fun to go to a game with dad a StL fan My aunt a Cub fan lol But watching this makes see many things US teams need to do especially prices of food ect & price parking at a Royals game is riduculous! I quit going to any games in the late 90' s . I went to a lot of Royals games when I first relocated in Kansas from northern Illinois! But Japanese baseball looks like a lot more fun to attend as sadly US baseball has gotten pretty ugly at times ! Thanks for sharing this experience as I know Sam is a big baseball fan of the Chicago Cubs & if he says its a great experience then I believe it is! As always safe & happy travels to you both!

  8. Welcome to Japan!!🇯🇵 Nice video and I love it!! I'm glad you two seem to enjoy watching baseball games in Japan. I'm Japanese so I don't understand English very well. But I always enjoy watching your video and I'm rooting for you guys from Japan. Keep up the good work!

  9. Entertaining stuff guys – btw, that small channel i told you about in a previous comment "Travowl Films", have just uploadet their first japan vid – jetlagged like you were, roughly same time even. Check them out – their INDIA vids are really good. Japan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysIKjTV1724&t=5s

  10. Japanese games remind me of college football in the States. I've only been to games when I was a kid(Tokyo Giants). My experience would be completely different if I go now. Although I don't live in Japan, my designated favorite Japanese team are the Tigers. I'm jealous that you went to a Tigers game and because you both got to experience the iconic stadium. I think I like them because when I was a kid, I was visiting family and saw a player named Tom O Malley and became a fan of his for no particular reason. Anyhow, looking forward to your next vlog.
    Take care

  11. At 1:41 number 8 I believe is former Chicago Cub Kosuke Fukudome! I read earlier this year he was still playing and he was playing for Hanshin Tigers. I wish he was a little better with the Cubs but seems like a great guy.

  12. The whole experience of the baseball game was awesome! I've never been to a baseball game, in Brazil we do not have any team, and it is not popular at all. Too bad. I loved the food and how everything is so organized at the stadium.

  13. So cool. It's amazing to me how dedicated the Japanese people are to baseball & golf. Puts us in the US to shame! Also lovely to see how the sports world supports the fans with plentiful choices of affordable food. Great sense of community coming from the stands.

  14. Hello Audrey, you know, you're very similar to Jill Valentine (Sienna Guillory), from the movie Resident Evil 5 … Greetings, nice couple! I LOVE YOU…

  15. if you going to a game football , i recommend URAWA RED DIAMONDS. i think most popular team in japan.
    J-league is more hard competition because of to shift sistem? there is J1 J2 J3 so fans more passionate.
    anyway have a keep enjoy in japan 😀

  16. I’d say that in Japan baseball is still a little more popular than soccer though the latter is more popular among younger generations. I’m not a great fun of both of them but I have experiences of visiting those games and I enjoy the atmosphere of the baseball stadiums better as it’s all up to you to enjoy walking around, get some food & drink to enjoy them while watching the game, have some conversations with others, or join the cheer. As long as you’re open, you can join & be the part of them👍🏼

  17. This is great! I watch many Japan travel and this is the first time I have seen a baseball game. Looks like a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing.

  18. I thought the Montreal Alouettes games were fun and full of atmosphere… These baseball games look Awsome, going to try to attend one when I'm there in May… Hopefully the season is still on

  19. Wow! I stayed in a hotel overlooking the stadium. It was so exciting! I loved the crowd's singing and dance moves 😀

  20. I love baseball…Blue Jays..yes..this looks like they take the sport serious….you see the way they just stare out there they love the game! and its cheaper..!

  21. Love your video's i used to travel the world before i have ended up in a wheelchair after a massive stroke. So watching your videos is like traveling the world again. God bless you. And many thanks again 😘😘😘👍

  22. Just love that you guys attend sports events around the world! Do you know if the season is the same as the states? Your Japan series has been terrific, looking forward to more!

  23. I’m really grad you enjoyed watching baseball in Japan. Next, it’s fun to go to Jingu Stadium, where Babe Ruth have played.

  24. 日本人は逆にアメリカのメジャーリーグ観戦しに行って、静かな様子に大人の楽しみ方だと、感心してるよ。

  25. Hi, Im Japanese.
    I live in Sapporo, Hokkaido. I am huge fan of baseball! I love Hokkaido Fighters!
    In Japan, Baseball is more more popular than football. No, Most popular than any other sports.
    Baseball owner company and Baseball association have big big money, and lot of fans. Average salary of Japanese baseball player is 400 thousand dollars, but Japanese football players' 200 thousand dollars,.

    sorry for my poor English

  26. I like the Tokyo Yakut swallows. It’s a team in Tokyo.There’s two baseball teams in Tokyo. But they’re in a different league. It’s like where New York has the New York Yankees and the Mets.

  27. If you planning to travel again in Japan, I recommend you to watch a game which is Hanshin(Hyogo) Tigers VS Yomiuri(Tokyo) Giants because there’s a long history between both teams and actually it’s the most exciting game.

  28. If I even visit Japan and go to a baseball game it would definetely have to be there. Tokyo Dome is dope but Koshien stadium has so much history. Not to mention the summer and spring highschool championships that are played there every year. Its awesome.

  29. Well come to Hanshin Kohshien stadium it’s a oldest stadium in Japan est1924
    Like a Fenway park I’m a BOSTON REDSOX& HANSHIN Tigers Fan
    I went to so many time from childhood.
    I’m 55years old . your video so nice!

  30. 応援歌がユニークな歌ww アメリカ人からみたら日本の応援は珍しいでしょうね 日本球界はメジャーと違う独特の応援文化が形成されてますから 近くの国はその応援を中途半端にパクってますがww

  31. I never gone to a Japanese baseball in my entire life was the game like so big did anybody catch a a baseball

  32. 日本のプロ野球特集してくれるの嬉しいし、ホークスファンだから余計嬉しいです😃
    Did you enjoy watching a japanese baseball game ?

  33. 観光ガイドより、実際に観戦した方のリポートが一番臨場感が伝わってきますね。

  34. 機会あれば広島や福岡にも行ってみてください。また違うジャパニーズベースボールがエンジョイできると思いますよ( ´艸`)

  35. 外国の人が日本の野球を知ってもらえることに感動しました!Thank You!!😉👍🎶

  36. 日本の野球の聖地阪神甲子園球場に起こし下さりありがとうございます。

  37. 甲子園球場は100年の歴史があるのですよ

  38. 翻訳ソフトによると思われる日本語訳で言いたいことは分かりましたが、4:07のゲームはネクタイで終わることができますは謎。

  39. 日本語訳は海外の人がやったのか?所々日本語変だなぁ…それにしてもタコ球って何だよ?たこ焼きだろう…

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