James Sanden, Comedy Magician predicts the score of a baseball game

>>Hey, guys, I’m down here with James Sanden, Comedy Magician,
who’s going to show us another magic trick today.>>Thank you very much. Today is actually not a magic trick
it’s actually a prediction. Before the game started I gave Beth a sealed envelope containing a prediction of the score of the game
It’s been sealed in the envelope and it’s for the end of the 5th inning So after the next three outs the score on the board could be the same
it could be changed we have no idea but if it’s the same as what’s in my prediction I hope you guys will go really wild
and crazy with applause and if it’s not just politely clap and we’ll be fine Thank you very much guys! I’ll see you guys in 3 outs!
>>Thanks James, back to you…>>Hey guys, we’re back down here with James and we are ready
for his prediction! Take it away!>>Alright Beth, come on over here. Do you have the envelope?
Can I see the envelope? Has it been sealed the entire time? Take these scissors real quick. Inside the envelope is a second envelope.
Take that one out. Alright, is that envelope sealed? It’s sealed, Beth? Alright, fantastic. Tear it open along a short end Another envelope inside, alright. Is that envelope sealed? It’s sealed…um…I forgot to ask. Take the white envelope
Is that your signature on the outside? The final envelope. Inside…go ahead and take it out. Open it up
That’s your signature on it…your secret word on it Open it up. What I didn’t tell you is that I was going to predict
the score of the game but what I was also going to do is predict the runs, hits and errors at the bottom of the 5th.
So right now the guests have 4 runs, 5 hits and 0 errors What does my prediction say?
>>4 runs, 5 hits and 0 errors>>And the Lake County Fielders have 1, 5 and 0.
What’s my prediction say? >>1, 5 and 0.>>That’s 100% correct, folks! Thank you very much!
>>Let’s hear if for James, guys!

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