Jackson’s FIRST BASEBALL GAME! (Hilarious!)

– Good morning guys! Well it’s official (groans), DBEJCK’s summer vacay is officially over. Nay, it is over physically, but mentally and in our
hearts DBEJCK lives on, am I right Calvin? Yeah, what was your favorite
part of the trip guys? – My favorite part was swimming. – Swimming, Calvin what did you like best? (Calvin babbling) – And I trip and (babbles) Jackson go on a ride with you. – When Jackson tripped and
didn’t go on a ride with me? – Yeah.
– I don’t remember that part. (Jackson babbling) – (laughs) This is completely irrelevant to the topic of conversation,
what is going on? Why are you talking about that? That was Disneyland, not
DBEJCK’s summer vacay. Either way okay here’s my next question, do you wanna say anything
to Ollie and Finn, and Gaines and Brookes? – Yeah, I miss you guys.
– What? – I hope we see you soon. – Aw, that’s so nice of you guys. Do you wanna say anything?
– But I was gonna say (babbles)
– Oh, what do you wanna say to Ollie and Finn? – I like you so much, I’ll give you treat for you every time. – (laughs) A treat for you every time? That is just the sweetest. Oh, well we miss everyone, but if you guys wanna
check out all the videos, I’m gonna make a playlist of everyone’s DBEJCK’s summer vacay videos, and you can all watch ’em all in one place on repeat until the next time. I wonder how many times you
would actually watch them if you did it on repeat
until the next DBEJCK. Anyway, Ellie is gone, she’s out of town, she’s
on a plane to New York City right now as we speak to
take care of some business, and it’s just me and the boys. So that means we’re gonna party. ♪ I hear a little something now ♪ ♪ Let’s peak inside and see what it is ♪ ♪ It might be our favorite baby ♪ ♪ Yes it is ♪ ♪ Tommy ♪ Hi buddy, good morning. Did you sleep good? Yeah, you did? Oh I’m so happy to hear that. We have such a big day today, such an exciting event
that’s going to happen today, and we need to get you
ready for it, ‘kay bud? ♪ Here comes our baby Tommy now ♪ ♪ Let’s see him smile ♪ ♪ From ear to ear ♪ (laughs) Now that we
have commentary enabled, you have to tell me is there anything better
than a baby’s smile? Huh? Anything better? I dare say there is not. I dare say it. Maybe when a baby says your
name for the first time, like that’s pretty sweet. (Tommy laughing) Muah! When I was a kid all the
way up until high school, probably starting at Jackson’s age, there was something that
was more important to me than anything in the whole entire world, and that was baseball, I loved baseball. I played baseball, I
dreamt about baseball, I watched all of the
games, it was my passion, my soul, everything. I’d wake up at six in the morning to watch SportsCenter to watch
all of the top 10 plays, and all of that stuff. And now is the time where
our little boy Jackson, you get to play baseball,
are you so excited? – Yeah.
– Yeah, today is your very first game, how do you feel? – Yeah, good. – [Jared] Good, are you excited? – Yeah, I go to a field, not a game. – [Jared] You’re gonna play on the field, you’re not just gonna
watch, you’re gonna play. You’re gonna hit the ball,
you’re gonna throw the ball, you’re gonna hopefully catch the ball. – I don’t know if I’m
gonna catch the ball. – [Jared] You try your very hardest, and that’s all you need to do, ‘kay? – ‘Kay. – We had a few tears in
Alabama, Florida, Alabama. Floribama. – Floribama.
– Floribama, that’s right, because we missed Jackson’s first game. Well I’ll tell you one thing, do you wanna know the good news? – Yeah.
– The good news is they actually canceled the first game. (Tommy screaming) Tommy’s excited, because the weather. So this is technically
the first game still, isn’t that cool? We didn’t miss a game buddy, high five. So we are going to get ready,
and we’re going to practice. There’s a couple things
that we need to get, there’s a couple things
that we need to do. You gotta show us how you
T, ’cause it’s T-ball. We’re gonna show you how to hit off the T, throw the ball, catch the
ball, all that good stuff, and then later today we’re
gonna go to the game. Does that sound good?
– When? – [Jared] A little later this afternoon, should we go practice in the backyard? – Yeah. – You’re gonna learn
(Jackson laughing) how to play too, do you wanna learn how
to play baseball, huh? Do ya? Do you wanna learn how to play baseball? – He runs around. – Oh yeah, and we’re gonna run
around the bases, aren’t we? Let’s go. Are you ready Tommy? Are you gonna be the umpire, huh? Are you gonna come
outside and be our umpire? Oh, or you’re just gonna eat the carpet. (Tommy laughing)
Oh you think that’s funny? You think it’s funny eating the carpet? All right, let’s do a
little inventory check before we start practicing. Do you have your glove? – Yes.
– Check, do you have your bat? – Check.
– Check, do you have the ball? – Check.
– Does Daddy have his net? Yes he does, do we have the audience,
the spectators, the fans? Yes we do, check, and check. You ready to practice a little bit? – Yep.
(Tommy babbling) – [Jared] All right, the most
important rule about baseball is keeping your eye on the ball. Eye on the ball. Eye on the ball. Eye on the ball. Eye on the ball. – Okay.
– You got it? – Yes.
– Kay, all right. So you put the ball on the T, and then what’s really
important is to have a good stance, kay? So you want your feet
shoulder width apart, just about maybe a little bit further, – Like this?
– bend your legs, yep. Then hands together on the bat, Bring your bat bat like this, and then when you swing,
you take a small step, and swing level, kay? Whoa, nice matrix boo,
let’s try that again. Good dodge! Bend your legs a little bit, choke up on the bat. – I can’t choke the bat. – Well it’s not choking the
bat, it’s called choking up, it means raise higher. Now get in your batting position. Okay, now go for it. Hey! Good hit bud, that was great. – I wanna hit that again. – [Jared] What I want you to
focus on this time Jackson is try not to hit the black,
and try just to hit the ball. Good, that was better. So this is what you do. You have a ball there, bend your knees a little bit, then you bring your bat back like this. So what I’m gonna do, I
want a nice level swing straight across. Bring your bat back up, keep your eye on the ball. (crowd cheering) And that is how you hit a home run buddy. – That was so good, I saw that! – [Jared] You saw it? – Yeah. – [Jared] How far did it go? – It went, (babbles) it’s right there. – [Jared] Oh wow, that’s cool huh? All right big show, let’s see it. Yeah that’s great. Hey, good hit bud. Oh! Oh I almost got it. Oh you made it to first base, you’re safe. Good hit bud, that was great. Try again. (upbeat music) All right ladies and
gentlemen, boys and girls, next up to bat is Calvin. Calvin is up to bat, he’s
ready to rock and roll. We’ve got runner on first base, he’s not actually on first
base, he should be on first base though because we can throw
it to you, tag you out. But next up is Calvin,
go ahead and swing buddy. Oh hit the T, didn’t quite
hit the ball, try again. Hey you hit the ball, good job! He’s running to second base,
and he’s running to first base, but he doesn’t know where
first, oh he’s tackling him! This turned into football or rugby! Oh now it’s WWF, we’ve got a WWF fight! Or sorry is it WWE now? It’s WWE, huh? (upbeat music) I think we gotta practice
a little bit more with you, huh buddy? Last one, hey you’ve got it! Now run to first base, drop the bat, run to first base, go into second base, oh he’s still going, oh he’s
going for the tackle again! What in the world? I think we need to have a
little look at the rule book, wouldn’t you say there guys? – Yeah.
– Yeah. I can’t remember if there’s
been a time on the vlog where I’ve talked about
my love for baseball because most of what you’ve heard was about pole vaulting. I played baseball all growing up from the time I was Jackson’s age until I got into high school. And in high school I
kinda had a bad experience with baseball. I wasn’t the best player on the team, but I was pretty dang good. At least I thought so, I was definitely good enough to play. And in high school, it was the first year that they had tryouts
for the baseball team, and everyone that I grew
up playing baseball with tried out on the team, made the team. It was just kinda like this group that had been playing
together for so many years, and I didn’t make the cut, and it was really really weird. And I talked to the coach afterwards, and it was all just kind of like fishy, and then like a week or two later I had a class with him ’cause he was also a high school teacher. And he asked me to come out and play, and it just was weird, like it just didn’t feel
right, I don’t know. Ultimately what ended up happening is I finished out my freshman
year of playing baseball, but it just didn’t feel
like it did before. I didn’t have the desire,
the love that I used to, and then I switched to pole vaulting, and then instantly fell in love with that. And I felt like I exceeded the ability that I had in baseball to pole vaulting, I felt like I did a lot better there. But I don’t know if I’ve
ever told that story before, I was cut from the baseball team, and then brought back to
the baseball team. (laughs) And it was just interesting,
and I hope it’s not necessarily a give up story, like I didn’t feel like I gave up. I felt like I just moved
onto something different that ultimately I enjoyed more, and received a bigger benefit from both physically, mentally, and I was able to help
others with that too. So seeing Jackson, I think this is the
coolest part about this is seeing Jackson go
through the same exact thing that I did when I was a kid. Picking out your first mitt, getting your first jersey
I think is so cool. I think that my first
year playing baseball, where I grew up we would have sponsors, and their logo would be the shirt. My team was sponsored by
an OB-GYN which I think sounds hilarious, a little
league baseball team being sponsored by an OB-GYN, let’s go gynecologists, yeah! (laughs) My parents got a kick outta that. I feel like my life has
been saved a little bit, at least dinner has been saved. We just got back from our trip, we were gone for about a week. We don’t have a ton of food in the pantry, I don’t wanna get all
of the kids in the car and get something to eat. Luckily before we left, I mentioned that we had a
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have all of the information in the description down below. And we wanna thank HelloFresh for sponsoring today’s video. But I gotta dish up the rest
of this food for the kids. Tommy, we gotta get you fed, and then we gotta go to a baseball game! Want some more food? Yeah! Well this is a change of scenery, just maybe 30 minutes ago it was perfectly sunny and beautiful and bright, and now we’ve got thunderstorms. So I’m gonna call the
coach, see what’s happening. It’s starting to rain,
they’ll probably just move the game inside somewhere, but let’s go find out before
we get struck by lighting. – I’m just so excited for my game. – You are? I’m so glad. Calvin is leading the pack, it’s probably ’cause it’s raining. We’re going to this new indoor facility, and we’re gonna watch
Jackson play his first game, you ready bud? – Is this my first time
playing baseball in a stadium? – [Jared] Yeah it is. Okay let’s go inside,
let’s meet your team. Okay, Jackson’s up to bat. I think this is like a little practice that they’re gonna do before the game. Kay let’s see it bud. Oh what a good hit, oh my gosh it’s going all the way to the outfield! He just hit it into the
outfield again. (laughs) Kay let’s see it again Jackson, come on buddy, show me how it’s done. Yeah buddy! Yeah! Hey, that’s your grandson right there.
– That’s right, damn right. – Oh look at you with that
spit up on your mouth, that’s gross. (Calvin grunting) You ready to see Jackson play? – Yeah.
– Yeah? – That’s so close.
– Good hit Jackson, run, run, run! Keep running, run, run, run! Good job Jackson! (laughs) No Jackson you stay at first, you stay at first Jackson, okay Jackson you go to second. (laughs) You ready to play some defense? Good job, you’re doing great bud. Oh he’s gonna play third base, awesome. (laughs) He’s like yep,
I’m just gonna stand here, that’s okay. Good job Jackson, way
to run up on the ball! Jackson’s team is walking off the field, and I’m just wondering how long it takes before he realizes that. He’s still out there,
he hasn’t noticed yet. He’s still looking around. Jackson, you’re team
has gone off the field. Different teams on the field. Uh oh, he’s belly itching,
he’s literally belly itching! Jackson, your team’s over there now. There you go! Okay Jackson, the bases
are loaded, no pressure. Whoa! Good hit bud! Keep running, keep running! Run, run, run! Go run, run, run, run! take two, take two! Run to second base, – [Man] Myers, throw the ball in. Throw the ball in. – [Jared] Oh run back
to first base (laughs) run all the way home! (laughs) Good job Jackson! Let’s see it Jacks! Good hit, whoa! Good hit Jackson, keep running,
keep running, keep running! All the way buddy, keep running! Keep running! Good job, keep running! Faster, faster! Keep going, keep going. Oh or just stop. Wiping the sweat off his brow because he’s been working hard, huh? (laughs) How was that?
– Good job bud. – It was fun. – [Jared] It was fun, did you love it? You hit so good. – Will we come here again? – [Jared] Okay yeah for sure. – When?
– We definitely will, in probably just a few days. – I wanna come here (babbles), – Okay.
– not a few days. – [Jared] Grandma asked you
what your favorite part was. – My favorite part was batting. – Batting? You did so good batting,
you hit it so far, I was so proud. – I never got to catch it. – Yeah, well you gotta move
if you wanna do that. (laughs) we’ll practice some more, okay? We’ll practice some fielding, okay? One thing I’m really proud about is like when he did move to the ball, he was not afraid of the ball at all. He ran and you tackled the ball, (laughs) didn’t ya? You jumped on top of it, didn’t ya? Yeah. (laughs) Aw, how sweet. (laughs) Cousin Ann is here
to celebrate with Jackson. But not only that, we’ve got Uncle Ryan, how’s it going? – It’s going good, how are you? – Good, you didn’t have
to come all the way from Colorado to watch Jackson’s game, that’s so nice of you.
– Well we just wanted to support Jackson. – [Jared] I really appreciate that, that’s so nice of you guys.
– Hey you’re welcome, you’re welcome. – I just got Tommy into bed, and I’m looking for the boys. Are you guys, boys are you in my office? What are you guys, oh my gosh, what are you guys doing? – Calvin wants his thing to be buckled. – [Jared] So you’re putting tape on it? – Yeah. – [Jared] Is this what you want Calvin? – [Calvin] Yeah. – [Jared] (laughs) Is it working? – [Jackson] Yeah it’s working. – [Jared] Oh good, I’m glad. Oh so you’re going from baseball star, to superheros, is that what
you guys are doing tonight? – Here’s the last one Calvin. – [Jared] Okay I’ll meet
you guys downstairs, except Flash, he’ll probably be there before I will, huh? Okay, we rallied the troops, we got into bed. Did you guys have a good day today? – Yeah. – Jackson I am so proud
of you at baseball, you did awesome. – Yeah, but it was so hard catching it. – Yeah, well you’ll learn. That’s all about practice, it takes years to get really good at baseball, kay? So we’re gonna start now, sound good? – Yeah.
– Calvin, did you have a fun day today? – Yeah. – Good I’m so glad.
– Hello! – We are going to say goodnight to these boys and to you guys, in fact boys, do you wanna
say goodnight to Mommy? – Goodnight.
– Goodnight. – [Jared] She flew all
the way to New York. – Goodnight Mom.
– Goodnight Mom. – [Jared] Do you guys miss Mom? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – [Jared] Okay, we’ll
see her very very soon. – Tomorrow or the day after? – You know what? I can’t even remember. I don’t even know, I haven’t
even thought about it. But that’s gonna be it from us guys, thank you so much for watching. If you enjoyed the video, give it a big thumbs up and we will see you guys next time. – [All] Bye!

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