’I’ve played the best football of my career this season’ | Alexandre Lacazette exclusive

Being voted Player of the Season means, for
me, a lot. I’m really, really proud. After the first
game last season, when I signed with the club, I saw one board where all the players who
had won this award were on, and I said to my family: ‘one day, I hope I will be there.
I will do everything to make you proud and make my fans and team-mates as well’. So,
today I’m really happy. Last season was my first season at Arsenal.
It was not so bad. I know my quality and I know what I can do for the club and my team-mates,
but I just want to be the best with Arsenal. After the first few training sessions with
the new coach I was feeling really good. Everything was okay so I knew this season was going to
be good for me. Before the season, I wanted to finish top four and to be in the Champions
League. I wanted to win a title with Arsenal. We’re still in the race for the Europa League
and I hope we’re going to do it. “After a few games I was on the bench and
of course, it was hard to realise my target. I just wanted to help the team and see how
the team and me is going to be. I just enjoy every game, and while sometimes it’s hard,
I just enjoy coming to the training ground with my team-mates and give my best for the
weekend. “I think the pressure makes me better. I’ve
had the same in the past and now I have this pressure in this team, so that means I work
well and do something good for the team. I’m happy. I think my team-mates have been really important
because we play a collective game. I have a lot of team-mates who help me to be in a
good condition before the game. Even during, they are always with me and behind me, even
when I miss something. That means they help a lot and we have a good mentality in the
team. Being able to contribute without scoring is
important for the team. For me, as well as now, I enjoy working like this for my team-mates
because I know it is going to be easier for them. In the past, I have always learnt that
if you work for them, they will give you back the ball fast. That is why I’m happy to
help them and it’s the best thing [to do] I think. The affection from the fans means a lot. That
proves I work well and they love what I did on the pitch. Of course, they love who I am
and I’m happy. I think the fans like me so much because I always work. I always do
my best on the pitch even if sometimes I’m not good – but I always try to be the best. I fight for the club, so of course, I fight for them, for me, for my team-mates, for the
coach, for my family and for everybody. I just want to win and everyone will support
me. Everyone is behind me, so of course, I will fight for them as well. I’ve played the best football of my career
this season and for Arsenal, not because of the goals I scored, but on my game, I really
improved. Individual awards are not really, really important. It is always a pleasure,
of course, to receive [things like this], but it is not the first thing I’m thinking
of when I play football. I want to win a title, like the Europa League. Of course, when they
give you this trophy [Player Of The Season], you can just enjoy it.

100 thoughts on “’I’ve played the best football of my career this season’ | Alexandre Lacazette exclusive

  1. Keep everyone attacking we got and sort the defence out and def midfield. COYG we got great things ahead.

  2. Hey arsenal yourube channel, please remind this man how much we love and want this man to stay for the rest of his career

  3. THE kind of player we want to represent Arsenal Football Club. Passion, desire, fight. World class. COYG

  4. he isn't like your ordinary striker. game changer, play maker, good on assist, fast on wing, perfect?

  5. And to my surprise he is still not in deschamps france list….come to think of it deschamp is going to suffer what joachim loew suffered …..not going with players who are performing …leaving out them and sticking with his trusted players…..look at england nowadays southgate changes his players base on performance that why england is doing good….

  6. Absolutely crucial to keep him in our team for as long as we can. 13 GAME-WINNING goals this season.

  7. Auba was the top scorer this season but Laca scored the most match winning goals in the whole league than any other player including Auba, Aguero, Salah, Mane etc…9 out of 13 goals he scored were match winners…also Laca is the only Centre forward/ Striker in the whole league who does so many other things besides scoring with his outrageous finishing such as hold up play, running behind defenders, assist, create chances, defend, tackle, regain possession, keep the ball etc..he is the only complete centre forward/striker in the Europe at the moment if not the whole world…he really is in the top of the game in red hot form..I can be assured that he will score winner in the Europa league final against Chelsea and also create chances for other players to score more…

  8. You know we’ve got a good striker partnership when the one who wins the golden boot isn’t even the one who won player of the season ?

  9. The best is yet to come Alex, bring back Europa league home and make your family proud ??
    We are Arsenal FC ??
    CNYG ???

  10. But I think you can achieve beyond this, the best season is you can bring Arsenal for the EPL title or UEFA champion

  11. much love bro keep doing yah best cos you are professional …………look at auba dance lmao

  12. Now all we need is a winger with the same passion and work-rate and another good CB I hope we get Manolas and hopefully Reiss can come back and get some game time.

  13. This guys is a beast, whenever he gets the ball inside the box i always stand up in anticipation of a goal, he doesnt miss so many.

  14. Laca deserve to be in the France squad. Is he having problem with Deschamps? One of the best center forward in the world

  15. Manolas for €35 mill, Zyich for €30 mill and Neto for around €30-40 mill….cut the BS, there are affordable amazing players out there. We need to get them.

    Lacazette and Auba deserve it.

    FYI, GK position isnt as important but Neto can be very good.
    And Mustafi and Xhaka should leave. Özil is useful against lesser teams, let’s not ignore this reality

  16. Get us Saliba, Konate, pepe and bezouma from brighton, but first win the Europa league.
    budget should be enough, with a few players sold of course.

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