‘It’s an R-rated movie in there.’ Boise State assistant describes Air Force challenge.

Basing Air Force, they do such a good
job of just finding stressful points all the time, throughout your defense,
is talking really some guys. It’s not like our D, lineback, you stop
the run, corner, secondary some type. They’ll find a way to get everybody
involved in every part of it, so they’ll put the corners and run, they put the D
line is in just position of pass game. And so, you’re just always trying to
find ways to simplify for you guys, because they have their answers,
it’s a numbers game for them. So you do one thing that have
the answer for that and so, you’re always trying to play that ying and
yang where once they see one look, we’re gonna give them a different,
you try to play it. But it’s consistently working, just
also just fundamentals and techniques, because they’re very good
at what they do and so. You might have the schematic answer, but
if his guy is better than our guy at some point or maybe his guy plays a better
fundamentals than ours, it is what it is. So trying to get our guys ahead. We’re gonna get you the nice spot, but at the end of the day,
you got to make the play bro.>>As a defense, do you spend more time on Air Force
than any other opponent you guys face?>>I would say yes in regards to
just because they’r every different, you’re playing a spread team or
a gap scheme team. You kind of get a lot like, you get work
from our offense and fall camp doing this. You’re always constantly getting work, but no one’s that’s not a triple teams gonna
come out and run triple like they do it. And so, it feels like we get more work on,
because we’re doing an extra couple days in spring ball couple,
extra days in fall camp. You kind of professional
development with it. But I think overall,
you probably get less time because, we teach how to stop zone all the time. But you just you’re trying to find
ways to steal reps that your boss, cuz you just don’t get it.>>Is this the toughest week of the year
to be an offensive scout team player?.>>Yeah, no,
that’s the toughest time for the O line. We’re out there just driving them
cattlemen free to kick it them, run! But it’s cool, but they also know the
importance of it to o, we’re talking with the running backs, dude, you don’t know
how big it is you got to hit this hole. Cuz this dude is gonna come out of it,
you have seen it, it’s out of the cannon. I f you come jogging along,
he’s gonna take your lips off, so it’s cool getting the whole by and and
especially, for me, I’m always, dude, you don’t know how important you,
everybody is this whole thing. So when we win games and we’re successful,
it’s not just Curtis did a good job or whoever it might be is that look,
you gave him. Especially triple option, cuz you’re not
getting, I remember when Wyoming did this, you have no frame of reference. It’s scout team to game, that’s it and
so, it is tough on those guys and they’re getting the run around. We gave them a couple of extra Gatorade’s
after practice today, so it was good.>>Spencer, Coach Medding used the word
meat grinder to describe the battle up front with you guys. What’s unique about their offensive line?>>They’re offensive line is
extremely talented, physical and quick at the point of attack. And they’ve, always been that way,
but this is a veteran crew now and so, they were good last year. We had a lot of issues up front last
year and they’ve even gotten better. And so, it’s a huge call for
our front as well as our linebackers, cuz they’re getting to them. And really for that front seven,
cuz these guys are bigger and stronger. But they’re even, in my opinion,
quicker than I’ve seen them. I mean, they’re getting the second level,
cut and moving faster than I’ve seen in a while. And so, but I mean,
it is carnage in there. I mean, there’s guys getting cut, flaming,
it’s just an R-rated in movie in there, basically, let me tell you what.>>[LAUGH]
>>But it’s exciting, I mean, it’s also one of those teams,
I respect what they do, and really do. I mean, it’s a fight, it’s a battle and
guys, you try and get our guys to love it. Because this is what it’s about,
I mean, this is old-school. No more of that other stuff,
this is what it is. But it is very physical and attack mindset
inside, I mean, and getting our guys ready for that and making sure the first time
they feel it isn’t on Friday night. You should try and
to replicate that it’s tough, but it is a meat grinder is exactly what is,
we know bees are fighting to get off. It is what it is man, it’s fun though. I mean, me even sometimes, you get kind
of, all right, here we go, with Baltimore, because you know it’s gonna be late,
you’re trying to find answers. But getting our guys excited to play,
because they should be, these are those awesome games, man,
in front of home crowds and you fired up

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