Is Your Hand Position Hurting Your Golf Game?

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so anyways he sent me a little note a little care package appreciate it and he
wanted to know the hand positions hitting different clubs so I’m going to
go around and I’m gonna show you hand positions from different shots and what
they are why you need them and the difference between certain shots
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website check them out just try to help out love you guys so we’re talking hand
position a critical component in the golf swing and if you don’t do it right
you’re really going to get yourself in a lot of trouble unnecessary trouble is
what I say and so we’re gonna start here chipping short game here’s the thing I
see a lot of this all right with people you know chopping wood basically on the
short game so this will get you in trouble there’s there’s always a
scenario in a case where yeah you wouldn’t want your hands way forward
this isn’t one of them your basic chip shots are going to be Center okay when I
say center like bellybutton sternum chest nose everything in the center of
your body all right some of you might have a nose off to the side of your face
so that wouldn’t be your center pick something that’s in the middle of your
body right in here is where you want to be if
you never put your hands forward when you’re chipping you will be better off
than if you put them forward okay if you’re here you’re fine all right you
don’t have to be up here so that would be center of my body here this is a
60-degree wedge everything Center and I’m controlling the bottom of my swing
arc by my weight where is my weight okay notice if I move my way back well then
the club’s gonna hit back here so I want to feel the weight that’s how you know
by the way how far to lean forward how much weight to put on your front foot so
if everything’s in the center now I’m on a little uphill slope right so more
weight on my back foot and everything’s feeling like it’s behind the ball I just
lean forward until that that bottom of my swing arc is now at the ball all
right perfect but my hand stayed the center right my hands stay in the center
of my body they’re forward of the ball weight forward body forward there you go
and everything’s going to be be good hands still in the middle of my body
okay so that’s these little chip shots and even like a pitch shot would be the
same thing it would just be a longer swing longer Falls which is that’s your
pitch shot but even the little the little tiny chips right here okay I
might back the ball up a little okay but I’m not doubled down on my hands right
don’t double down and golf Center you could back it up but my hands haven’t
come more forward when I backed the ball up so my hands chipping pitching always
in the center right in here and then control everything with the weight of
where you’re putting your body weight okay the bottom of your swing are
controlled by the weight how about bunkers what do you do that let’s go
check it out so now you’re in the trap where are your hands when you’re here
again if you find yourself in the trap and you’re up here
hey hands way forward you’re gonna have problems so many things are gonna go
wrong for your life if your hands are way up here because now just know this
general rule of thumb the more you put your hands forward The Closer that hosel
gets to hitting that ball first you don’t want to lead with the hosel that
equals shank so we don’t want that so again what I’m doing here in the sand
see if you can see is wide stance what we’re talking about hand position here
okay again hands are going to be in the center and then I my weights forward but
my hands stay Center right on my belt buckle right here that way I’m not
shoving that hosel closer to that ball I want it back here and I don’t even hate
I don’t hate this if your back like if your hands are more back in the sand
that’s better than the other then the other way and that thing let straight up
in the air that was great because you need height out of the bunker more often
than not so bunker you don’t want to be up here with your hand on your left
pocket you don’t want that when it belt belt buckle Center or back of Center
that’s not it looks weird I know it feels weird but it’s not horrible and
you’re not going to hit a shank doing that actually the more back it goes if
you think about it right think about this when you put the
handle forward you leave with the hosel you don’t want that right but as you
back it up now you start leading not with the leading edge but you start
leading with the bounce of the club and you’re in the bunker and that’s what you
want to use this guy down here and so as that handle comes back the bounce starts
leading leading the swing the club ball so now hosel leads bounce leads and
bounce is better than hosel when you’re in the bunker so bunker general rule
thumb you know do all your normal stuff weight forward everything like that hand
center or back here is fine you know you don’t have to you could lean down a
little bit it all depends on the slope and angle of that sand trap but for the
most part Center or slightly back of center for the sand let’s keep it moving
so now we got to go over the bunker going high same situation just note this
anytime you want to go high the hands got to come back back it’s gonna be
better than forward right there’s a time for this specialty situation but you
don’t need it it’s it’s a Ferrari okay you might want it but hey let’s stick
with the minivans and the stuff that lug you your junk around with all right you
might not look as cool but you’re gonna get everywhere get everybody safe kids
are in you got all your stuff with you all your people are your your clubs in
the truck like that’s what we’re looking for here SUV minivan station wagon shots
and you can even look you take your station away a lot of places all right
you don’t need a name Ferrari in golf so get this out of your mind
cuz that can happen and you don’t want that that’s what you don’t want okay so
I’m backing everything up back my hands up you’re right in there similar to the
bunker shot and you get a nice high shot so this would be this is even your flop
shot okay nice wide stance you could tilt your shoulders depends on the
height you’re going for open the face up but anytime you open the face so this
I’m opening in the face hands forward I mean I’m gonna hit it with the dang
shaft almost hands back that’s what you want same as a bunker we see this way
too much man it’s killing the game of golf get those hands back just think
okay I’m taking the the minivan to go get my family and there you go it’s a
pretty nice minivan if you ask me alright that’s what I’m saying so if you
if you do it right your minivan can perform as good as any other car out
there on the market but this ain’t gonna help you here or even slightly back on
these super high ones let’s keep it going
ok puttting is a great mystery in the game of golf but here’s something we
would need to understand is every time you set up when you pot if you put your
hands forward you’re either shutting that face or if
you keep that putter flat on the ground it’s going to open the face both of
those are gonna kill your putting percentages so we don’t want to do that
I’d also if you go back you’re adding loft on the face of that putter which is
gonna shoot that ball straight up in the air it’s gonna get too high and it’s not
gonna roll correctly again forward is gonna shove that ball in the ground if
you shut that face it’s gonna hit and bounce and roll that’s no good either so
really important you definitely want hands and everything right down the
center of everything and then you know you’re gonna have the best possible
chance to roll one in if you do that at least you hit the hole right so try to
have it hanging you know hang put your hands together that’s where your your
hands go when you’re putting hang hands grip putter go that’s how you know
all right hang it hanging relax together you’re rolling right there that’s where
your hands go when you’re putting so what about your your hybrids out of the
fairway where do you want these surely you want
your hands forward here right right here no no bueno we also want these Center
okay the only difference here we’re just gonna get a slight right lateral band
here okay nice wide stance balls for but I want my hand Center Center right here
it just quiets everything down when you’re when you’re swinging if you’re
here I mean you’re gonna have a super strong grip most likely it’s really
going to affect your entire swing and it’ll whip that thing way inside here
and you’ll be shot I mean it’s gonna be a mess so when you Center eyes
everything okay it just allows you to take that one
piece take away and then it’s easy just to keep a nice smooth swing when you’re
Center eyes here and that’s all you’re looking for when you’re out of the
fairway with your hybrids let’s keep it going
okay so what about the ever so important tee shot what do you do with your hands
in this situation where do they go do you want to go forward look again every
time you go forward you start bringing the heel closer to the ball you don’t
want the heel close to the ball you don’t heal things and with driver
especially you start doing that the face is opening way up so a lot of people who
put their hands forward shut that face way down they they look something like
this okay and then they hit way down on the ball and you see these guys I mean
maybe you’re one of them you’re here and you bring it way in here super shut face
and you’re coming down on that ball it’s all because there’s something you’re
doing in your swing like you’re slicing it or something so you start
manipulating your golf swing to account for what’s going on or you’re
manipulating the club to make it work but just take a photo of
yourself and then match it up to anybody on tour they don’t do that hands are
where this is how I setup for the driver I put the ball in the center of my
stance I put the club behind the ball I mean this is in my belt okay and I take
a little step here and a big step here and that’s where my hands go so my hands
are I mean maybe an inch I had in my Center
here’s my center I take a little step here and a big step here and then I grab
but it’s really Center I mean it feels Center it might be you know once it’s
all said and done it’s about an inch or two ahead of my belly button right in
there okay but it’s not here this is gonna kill your game and it’s again this
is better than this so for driver that’s just that’s how I set up put everything
in the center little step big step then let everything hang and I’m slightly as
you can see I’m right up here my head my hands are right up for my eye my face
ball is on my left ear and now I could take that one piece smooth takeaway
hands forward you’re whipping it inside in here you’re doing all this crazy
stuff you’re getting real handsy with this type of setup you can just take it
back and look like well hopefully somebody good and there you go that’s
your driver setup so did we cover every single possible scenario ah no we didn’t
cuz we didn’t cover that why would I ever want my hands forward Wow okay
hands super forward like that with let’s say a chip and run are are good from
time to time if the situation calls for it but it’s very rare you can always do
the same thing from here okay so the only time your hands would be that far
forward would be if you know certain grass certain situations the ball
sitting way down deep then you might want to consider doing
something like that but if you never do it you’re gonna be fine
like I said earlier that’s the Ferrari shot stick with the mini man
all right that’s a hand position Marcus thanks so much for the Hat thanks so
much for the gear I super appreciate if I’m ever in Austria let you know I love
to come to that race ski race is what it is Kishu uh case you’re wondering but
I’m probably most you guys probably knew that I had to look it up hope this video
has helped hit that like button comment below let me know if you struggle with
your hand position and what you tend to do two for two back what do you do I
used to be a to way too far for guy got me a lot of trouble so let me know your
thoughts thanks again love you guys see you next

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