[Commentator] Hello,
and welcome to Footgolf at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. Our golfers today; representing South Korea – Heung-Min Son, for Brazil – Lucas Moura, France – Hugo Lloris. And Dele, representing England today. And of course they will all be competing for the honour of being presented with the prestigious blue jacket. The course today, for those unfamiliar, the stadium concourses famously
flow into each other here, meaning there is only one hole. Play clockwise to throw off
the right-footed players. Our golfers tee off at the
entrance to the South Stand, they must do their best to avoid the various
obstacles along the way. Teeing off now from the old
White Hart Lane Centre Spot, the first time a ball’s
been kicked from this spot since the old stadium closed. [Lloris] It’s perfect ball. [Commentator] With a clean strike to beat the first tree; the rebound is okay, maybe a little dangerous. [Lloris] Wha, wha, wha, where’s he go…? [Commentator] Into the rough. [Lloris] No! How can I use this ball? Can I go under the stairs? [Dele] I don’t know whether
to go through round this way. [Lloris] Try the middle, try the middle. [Dele] Try the middle? [Son] The middle is such a good idea. [Dele] Yeah, you want me to try Son then? [Lucas] I’m gonna try. [Dele] Yeah? [Lucas] Yeah. [Dele] Promise you’ll try. [Commentator] So, Dele now lining up to curl his shot right. [Dele] It’s a hole in one init? [Commentator] And he is
deep in the rough there. [Dele] It’s not the best start, is it? Oh no. [Lloris] Tough luck, tough luck. Lucas Moura steps ups now. [Lloris] Ohh! So lucky! [Dele] It’s a very poor standard so far. [Lloris] The ball can’t stop. Nooo! [Son] He’s touching it, he touches it too! [Dele] Lucas touched his
ball when it was rolling. [Commentator] Well I don’t believe this, Lucas has touched the ball before it came to a natural stop and officials are reviewing it now. Yes, that’s an extra touch. [Dele] Stop watching me, I’m tryna cheat! [Commentator] Sonny with
his beautiful strike, that will beat both steel trees. [Son] Ooh! That’s unbelievable! [Lloris] That’s a good one. [Son] Look at this, unbelievable! [Dele] Lucas it’s you.
[Lucas] No, it’s you. [Dele] No, you’re furthest. [Lloris] Hey, where’s your ball? [Dele] I don’t really know what to do. [Commentator] Dele is
deep in the rough here, weighing up his options. [Dele] I’m gonna try and flick it, so it bounces off there and rolls that way really. ‘Cause I aint really got no other option. [Son] That’s okay, that’s okay, good one! [Lloris] Who’s turn? Again? [Lucas] It’s Dele’s turn again?
[Lloris] It’s Dele? [Commentator] This is a good shot, could be great if it just… oh, that’s unfortunate. [Dele] How’s it touched that! [Son] So you had a three shot. [Dele] Lucas is on plus one as well. [Dele] We’ve got Hugo
coming from over here. [Commentator] A delicate
touch needed around the corner, the stairs to your right. So the only accepted stairs of course, all others are out of bounds. [Dele] So, if I hit it hard
enough off that blue thing, it could bounce… [Commentator] Dele, seemingly
opting to risk going for power Lucas opting to do the Can Can. [Son] That’s a good one, Dele. [Commentator] That won’t
be the bounce he wanted, he’s now stuck behind a
very awkward structure, and he’s narrowly avoided
going down those stairs, and out of bounds, so
a small silver lining. Hugo with a flick. [Lloris] It’s enough.
[Son] Oh Hugo, that’s unbelievable. [Lloris] It’s enough, look. [Son] Ah, look at this quality, this is unbelievable, look at this! How the ball roll. Let’s go, let’s go, good boy! [Commentator] Amazing curl on this one, could have the shot of the tournament if this goes down the stairs. Not quite for Heung-min Son, despite his best efforts. [Lloris] Nice. [Son] Good idea. [Lucas] Wayy! Goo! [Commentator] Great use
of his surroundings there, a very good shot by Lucas to
bring him back into the game. [Son] It’s good, it’s good. Lucas, can you touch my ball, and we go together. [Commentator] So the end
part of this section, now the golfers need to play
their way down the stairs, clockwise past the programme walls, and then through the door at the end. Sonny leading here, rolls
the ball down the stairs. Oh no, catastrophe here! And it’s gone the complete wrong way. [Lloris] It’s the wrong way Sonny… [Dele] Sonny, good shot. [Son] I did three shots and then I will come
back where we started. [Commentator] Suddenly the
lead is wide open here. Lucas plays it safe. I can’t argue with that
given his position, this is awkward for Hugo. [Lloris] This is the wrong way. He’s overshot that. [Lloris] No! No, no, no, no! [Commentator] Devastated. [Lloris] Oh no. [Son] We are not going on home today. I’m telling you. [Dele] I’m in a bit of
a pickle, aint I really? [Lucas] There come, slowly, slowly. [Dele] You want me to lose, right? [Lucas] No, like this. [Commentator] Lucas who
has shown his knowledge of the surroundings, taking a moment to help competitor out here. Great sportsmanship. [Son] Dele that is good one. [Dele] Thank you Sonny. [Commentator] Son could have been tempted to go with this three
wood for power there, but he’s gone with the four
iron and a bit of curl. That is a superb looking effort
and that’s why he’s a pro. [Son] Come on, keep rolling,
keep rolling, good boy. Stop, stop, stop, stop. Look how amazing, there’s a door. Dele, this is amazing. Amazingly badly. [Dele] I mean it looked like
it was a really good shot at the start, but then you come round here and there’s toilets,
doors, everything. [Lloris] Don’t touch. [Dele] What’s Lucas doing? [Lucas] I’m coming! I, I, I, open…
come back from that [Dele] That’s so lucky.
[Son] That’s so lucky. [Son] Now I have to go for a risk huh. [Dele] Yeah, Sonny you’ve
to go through the door, [Lloris] Watch out Lucas. [Lucas] Wow, wow, what a player Sonny! [Lucas] Stop, stop, stop! No,
no, no, where are you going? [Son] Dele you have to go risk. [Dele] Risk, how? [Son] Use your wall. [Commentator] Dele was
telling the media earlier this week about how being
awarded a blue jacket, has always been a dream of his. [Son] That’s too much. [Commentator] Dele making
use of the programme wall to add a bit of
spin, this could be good. [Son] Look, look at that. [Dele] Nah! [Lucas] What is this? [Son] Look! [Lucas] What is this? [Son] It’s because of wind you know. [Dele] That’s a magical shot. [Lloris] Well done Dele. [Dele] I mean that’s
pretty special that shot. [Son] Look how I can kick the ball. Block his way. [Dele] Can I pick my ball up? My ball was there. [Lucas] He touched the ball. [Lloris] Look at that, Sonny,
it’s going to kiss you. [Commentator] Onto the second
part of the course now, and this is the longest
stretch of fairway. Golfers will likely want
to go long, but will need to remain very conscious of pillars and balls getting stuck in doorways. [Son] No, no, no, no , no my ball! [Dele] You get so lucky at this. [Son] What do you mean? I was doing so well. I went through the door. [Dele] If that was me I
would’ve went inside there and gone into the back room or something. [Lloris] No, no, no. [Dele] I’m trying to go the whole way but you know, I’ve been
hit with some surprises so I’m just going to go along here. [Son] Oh my God, bro? What you doing? [Dele] No. Bend, bend…
[Son] Oh Dele! [Dele] Bend
[Son] Dele! [Dele] I mean you can’t ask
for much more than that really. [Lloris] Punch! [Lloris] Ah, that’s a good one. Come on, roll, roll, roll, roll, roll. [Lucas] Not too bad, eh? It’s not too bad. [Dele] All I’m gonna say
is there is a big surprise around that corner. [Commentator] Welcome back from the break. We’ve had a great day of
footgolf so far and we rejoin the players on the third
part of the course. The first obstacle in the shelf is the brick wall; bricks taken from the Old White Hart Lane Stadium and repurposed for use in this bar. The trick here is to beat
the wall without going down one of the many small corridors. If you manage to avoid
them and the bar itself, then you will be met with
a second wall to beat before heading towards the doors
in the end of this section. Lucas goes for it. Nice soft touch off the wall needed here and he gets it. [Lucas] Thank you, my love,
thank you, I love you. [Son] I’m going same way like you. [Dele] Oh, it’s gone in the door. [Commentator] Oh no.. Hugo is caught in a bunker. That is an absolute disaster. Sonny seems to be considering using the artwork to bounce off. [Dele] See how lucky that is! [Son] I won it, I won it. [Commentator] It beats the
first wall with the bounce, beats the bar… and that’s going to settle
in front of the second wall. [Lloris] Look at mine. Looks good, not bad at all from Dele Alli. [Lloris] Well done, Dele. [Dele] It always have to
hit something, d’nt it. [Lloris] I play. [Commentator] Hugo just
has to play it safe here, back onto the fairway. [Dele] We’re going through the
doors at the end, by the way. [Lloris] The door.
[Dele] That’s where we’re going. [Son] You have to try. [Lloris] Wooooo! Like this? He goes, he goes, he goes, he goes! [Son] No… Oh, unlucky! [Lloris] Football is not fair. [Dele] Sonny, hit it off this. And it goes back down there. [Commentator] Son’s choosing to ignore his competitor’s advice. [Son] It’s an unbelievable roll again. [Deli] So lucky. [Son] Dele this is so lucky.. [Dele] Should I go for it? [Son] I go 100% full. [Dele] Oh no, Lucas! It’s going through anyway. [Commentator] Dirty
tactics from Lucas there distracting Dele just before the strike and things like that really give footgolf a bad name. [Dele] He is so lucky in every shot. Not this one though, not this one. [Lloris] Ah, unlucky Sonny. [Son] Ah! Aaah! I was here, I was here, I was here! [Dele] Yeah, Sonny move it back. [Son] I was here. [Commentator] It’s not bowls, it’s golf. [Dele] No, you wasn’t there.
[Son] Shut up! I was here! I remember! [Dele] You didn’t have that
much of a swing, you cheat! [Son] What? I’m not cheating,
this is the same place. [Commentator] Section
four and the final part of this course is the
South Stand marketplace. The golfers must play pass
Beavertown, be careful not to get stuck behind the
recycling bins or go down the disability ramps. They then go along the
North London map artwork and into the marketplace. Finishing the course at the goal line bar. Homestretch requires
patience, precision and… and that’s gone straight
down the disability ramp [Son] Ooh measured that. [Dele] No risk, no reward. [Son] Its okay, you go on. [Son] Look at this rolling,
unbelievable again. [Dele] See, look, how’s it missed that? [Son] Look at this, this is the planning. You see the golfer, take the grass, look at the wind. [Commentator] Sonny with
a very delicate touch that pays off. [Lucas] A little bit more. Yeah, go, go. [Commentator] The close now
the players will likely look to curl the ball into
the marketplace here. Good swing from Hugo. It’s another fractional miss, I think if that clips
the inside of the wall, that could have travelled
straight into the marketplace. Dele, goes for the curve ball. [Dele] What’s happening? [Commentator] Oh he’s annoyed
the balls stopped there. But that’s how it’s cut, you’ve got to read the grass. [Lucas] I can go here, no? Where on earth is Lucas Moura? I’m surprised this hasn’t been flagged as being out of bounds. Sonny plays into the wall. [Son] Sonny, was me? [Dele] He’s behind there. Where is Lucas? [Son] I think Dele is gonna win. Hugo is taking control. [Commentator] This is it now, neck and neck between Son and Dele and these might be the most important and decisive shots of the game. [Son] Hey, Dele just… [Dele] Very silly shot
from me. Very silly. [Commentator] And that is
how you do it. A superb shot from the South Korean. [Son] See, I read the games. Still going here. [Son] Look at this shot,
amazing! Before that goal! Ah, buzzing. [Commentator] Metal bar
just crept into the way. [Son] Oh! It’s a block. [Commentator] Lucas has
used his surroundings extremely well today and he’s tried to do that again here. [Lucas] Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay! Wooo! [Commentator] Looks good for Lucas Moura. [Lucas] Keep rolling, keep
rolling, good boy, good boy. [Dele] Are you going that way? Cause you’re in out of bounds. [Commentator] Hugo opting
for shortcut to the goal. This is risky. [Son] Ah, but this tough angle again. Oh Hugo, that’s too hard. [Commentator] Well he had to
take the risk and you’ve got to applaud him for going for it. He’s played a good round
today and the score may be an unfair reflection of that. [Son] Come on Dele, you
can go from there, risk. [Dele] I can’t. [Son] You can. [Dele] There’s not enough bend. [Son] Nothing is impossible,
nothing is impossible Dele. [Lucas] Try! Dele. [Son] Dele, nothing is
impossible, trust me. [Lucas] Everything is
possible, if you believe. [Dele] How’s it still rolling? Really? [Son] I think I have
less shots, but, we see. This will be tough angle,
I think we will risk. [Lucas] Sonny scores, Sonny finish. [Commentator] Oh, it looks good. It’s very good. And that’s it, Heung-min
Son, Footgolf Champion. And he will be presented
with the blue jacket. [Son] My celebration. [Lucas] Well done, well done. [Lloris] For the winner. [Lucas] What a style. Well done, congratulations. [Dele] There was a very
close second place, I just must add that.

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