Is Lucille Awesome? (The Negan Simulator 500)

Hello and welcome to the Slingshot Channel! As you know, I love The Walking Dead. I love the comic books and also love the TV series. And, of course, I’ve seen the last episode of Season 6 with the beautiful Lucille. HA HA HA! So, I decided to do some Negan mythbusting. And here is Lucille in person. This is Lucille and she is AWESOME. Let me show you her features! As you see, it’s a good sized baseball bat and I wrapped it with barbed wire. I really try to do it the same way as you can see in the comic books and in the TV series. This means that it is tightly wrapped around 20 times This was really hard to do, because the barbed wire doesn’t want to take the shape of the baseball bat, it always tends to spring back. So, when I hammered in one of the four spikes I also had to stabilize it with a screw, only after all of the windings had been done I could remove all of the screws except in the very beginning and in the very end. About now it’s really tightly wrapped and doesn’t give. When she looks terrible, I think that Negan really uses this to subdue people and I think it’s very effective. But also, if you touch this, it’s painful. This is so sharp. There are spikes everywhere. It is really terrible. I love it. *MUAHAHAHAHA* But, if we want to find out how awesome she is, we have to do some scientific tests. Of course, I’ve seen the stuff that the boys from Zombie Go Boom did and I respect it and I think I basically agree with their findings but what they haven’t done is a scientifically reliable test versus a normal baseball bat. I can’t do this swing by myself. First of all I’m an awful batter because I’ve never learned it, but also because I wouldn’t be able to do it two times with the exact same force and the exact same stance. Therefore I needed to build a device. Meet the Negan Simulator 500! *HAHAHAHA* Let me show you Negan’s features! As you see, the baseball bat has been inserted into a piece of PVC pipe. (?) an axle down here, so that he can swing up and down. and it is rubber loaded with a lot of rubber. And the rest is fairly simple and straightforward. And I also have this little table that I’ve made from the tatami stand that I used for the katana test. The mode of operation is really simple. All you do is, you lift this up against the force of the rubber which is considerable. In this position it actually locks so you don’t have to do anything, but when you release it it takes a lot of force and swings down on the table, like this. Very hard. In order to calibrate it, see if the rubber is strong enough, we’ll use a coconut. Just a plain coconut because we all know that with a good baseball that you can crack acoconut so let’s test it! Now we’re lifting it up… And GO! HA HA HA HA! It works! This most definitely worked fine, but just a coconut isn’t good enough for us today! So I made this. It’s a coconut that is actually in the middle of a block of ballistic gelatin. The good German stuff, 20%. It was actually very hard to make this, because the coconut wants to swim up in the bucket. Therefore what I had to do is, as you can still see the little canals in here that’s because I made a cross from wood and then nails pinning down the coconut in place until the gelatin was hardened. Of course, it is much harder to crack the coconut now, first of all because it’s shielded by ballistic gelatin from the top but also because it is suspended on a cushion of ballistic gelatin. So it’s very hard to to put a blow on this that really cracks it. We made two of those so we can test the non-barbed wire and the barbed wired version of this how it fares against the coconut. And! Haha, I don’t think it cracked it! Or, maybe it did! It was a terrible blow for sure. And you can see that the coconut changed it’s color a little bit. I think that’s because for a moment the ballistic gelatin lifted off the surface of it here but I don’t think that the coconut is actually cracked. Now we put Lucille into the Negan simulator and we’re using her against the fresh block of ballistic gelatin with the coconut molded in. Sh.. [beep] Alright, after the repairing it started to rain, so we had to make a long break. Terrible weather this year, but you can already see that just because it’s resting on it it’s damaging the ballistic gellatin. That is something that the original baseball bat did not do. Now, let’s see what happens when it hits it. Okay, let’s try it. And FIRE! Hahahaha! Ouch! So the gelatin protected the coconut from the impact of the bat. But still, the injury is more severe than without the barbed wire. So what would’ve happened if Negan would have used a katana instead of Lucille? Well, let’s find out! Ok, and go! Hahahahaha! Alright! It slipped off, it didn’t cut through the coconut. So, as you can see, the katana is bent again. I have to bend it back into shape one more time. But also the PVC pipe broke. You should never underestimate the force of rubber. See, it sliced a little bit of the skin of the coconut off and, of course, it cut through the ballistic gelatin like through butter, but it did not destroy the brain of the coconut. So, what if the Negan Simulator was too weak I have to try it by myself to see if I can do it if Negan can’t. Nope, no deal. Okay, nothing could crack it. I’ll now use the Mosasaur Hunter. I just only loaded five of the barrels, because one of the spear guns needs recharging. Five of these spears should be good enough in any case. Hahahahahaha! That’s the death of the zombie! So several of the spears went through the gelatin, but one also went through the entire coconut and of course cracked it. What a carnage! Hahahaha! So, what is our conclusion? Well, first of all, these zombie heads that are made from 20% ballistic gelatin are probably a lot tougher than a human head I think a blow with a baseball bat, specifically one that’s, you know, outfitted like this one would crack the skull. In any case, this one looks total badass and I think it is a terrifying weapon. So, I believe that Lucille is in fact very, very awesome! Alright, so… I’m just kidding, haha! That’s it for today, I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks and bye bye! And for today’s extra content we have this coconut that survived all of our other tests inside of the gellatin block. It may look harmless, but it may attack at any time, so we must deal with it. Haha, actually it is too big for the rubberaulic press, so we had to fix it with a bit of scotch tape. And I have no idea what’s gonna happen when the hammer hits it. Okay, and… GO! HAHAHAHA!

38 thoughts on “Is Lucille Awesome? (The Negan Simulator 500)

  1. Nevermind Negan and his wooden stick. Imagine the looks of horror on Glenn and Abraham’s faces if it was Joerg and the Mosasaur Hunter

  2. 6:17 When you lifted the Katana you put your arm directly under it… You could of lost an arm by accident there. Not saying this to be annoying – I once nearly chopped my leg off with an axe like this. I get that when you spend a lot of time doing it you feel comfortable, that's when you let your guard down…

  3. I think you had too much ballistic gel covering the coconut. There is very little flesh between the top layer of skin and the skull. If you did the test over with the coconut right up near the top of the gel I'm sure you would get very different results. Love your channel, thanks

  4. I would love to see this guy in an anime , I could just picture him saying “ HAHA, this is my weapon ballistic jeloton-kun, let me show you its features , HAHA”

  5. Awesome video! A Loisville Slugger probably would have helped with additional power and is probably what Negan would have used.

  6. So viel Leid so viel Ungerechtigkeit reicht dir nicht du hurensohn dass du noch Menschen solche Dinge basteln du psychische Kranke huhrensohn

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