10 thoughts on “Interview | Cardinal Ritter ex-football head coach speaks out after season-ending scandal

  1. Take a shot everytime this dude says "a mistake was made" complete disgrace. "Its not about all that"??? Bro. Its literally only about that. What an idiot

  2. This man/coach has had his character assassinated for making a mistake. Being human! He's standing in it. Owning it. His players, one of which is my son, have been demoralized and have lost their mentor/father figure, and the school and Archidiochese have turned their backs on our children. Pretty much washed their hands of our sons by canceling the remainder of the season and firing the coaching staff. The parents of the players are asking the Archidiochese for a parent meeting to address our questions and concerns; we would like for them to allow the parents to opportunity to have their voices heard regarding our devastated young me, and we would like the media to be in attendance as well. Let's see if we can get our meeting with the Archidiochese. Why were are young men not allowed to show what they could do in the face of adversity? How to pick themselves back up when they fall. Now what do you expect our young men to do? No support and we entrust our kids to them. Umm.

  3. Great interview, young man. You didn't shy away from the hard questions. Coach claim a mistake was made but it wasn't a mistake you blatantly cheated.

  4. Hate this happened. I’m close to many who sons play for Coach BG and met him on several occasions. Can’t say a bad word about him personally. But the administration and MSHSAA got it right. Coaches cross the line at time for the sake of winning games. But I’m glad he spoke up and admitted his faults. The product on the field was amazing to watch. I support all of our local St. Louis kids and hate they won’t be in the post season.

  5. He cheated. He was the HC so he was responsible. Own it, take the punishment, learn and move forward. No excuses,, no passing the buck. The world is not ending.

  6. I went through this in 03 at Clayton when we went 9-0 only to get all our wins striped and finished the season 1-9 due to us using a ineligible player. Our coaches knew it was wrong but swore up and down that it happens all the time and blah blah blah. Bottom line is We got FUCKED by selfish men who wanted to win on the backs of kids. I pray that the student get the proper help they need to move on from this situation and I pray for all the parents I KNOW WHAT YALL ARE GOING THROUGH ??????

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