Integrated Cricket: 02/04/17 Integrated Cricket Grand Final

Today’s the Grand Final of the Integrated Cricket League. We’ve got all six teams playing on the WACA outfield as well as the top two teams playing off in the Grand Final to be crowned champions of the first season. Having these leagues makes it accessible for these guys to play the games they love watching on TV. Also more importantly it gives them a chance to hang out with their mates, make new friends and feel like they’re part of the club and belong to the community. We’ve also got some other sports coming along today representing their codes and their integrated sports leagues. I think it’s a great way to get people involved in a community that they previously may have felt that they couldn’t. Doing it in isolation is really hard work. This is a great opportunity for the sports to get together. It’s all about enjoying the sport! There’s Netball, there’s Cricket, Football. It’s really good what they do. I think the biggest thing is getting them involved with their local club. Feeling embraced and welcome and enjoying their life. It’s great. It’s great being able to work with the other sports. Everyone understands that the sports aren’t in competition with each other we’re about providing good community programs to help people have a better quality of life. There’s a real pathway now for cricketers with an intellectual disability to be able to come from the Integrated League, they can now play for WA, then go from that to play for Australia. So this is just another step in the pathway and the evolution of cricket.

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