45 thoughts on “Inside Xavier Woods’ personal arcade: WWE Hometown Superstar presented by Cricket Wireless

  1. Xavier Woods is a specialist when it comes to having ideas for the next new gear the new day will have each month

  2. أإأذأإأ اكو م̷ـــِْن العراق يتابعون خلي خلون لايك ??????✋

  3. Xavier has the life that every gamer and wrestling fan wishes to have, well I mean he is a professional wrestler signed to the greatest Wrestling company in the world, is part of one of the greatest groups ever created in Wrestling and has a room in his house where he have every single game and console created to this day, that's what I call a rich life, the dude has everything he could ask for.

  4. For people that didn't know, the "Salt Mine" is a place in the game Destiny 2. It's hilarious he named a spot in his house the same!

  5. Wow!!! I'm so grateful right now…growing up loving anime and video games people thought I was weird but seeing the video, that i was able to meet people like me passionate about gaming and anime..thank you so much Xavier Woods.

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