Inside Warhawk Football “October 8, 2019”

[“Inside Warhawk Football”
Instrumental music playing] AUSTIN:
Hi, welcome to this weeks
edition of Inside Warhawk
Football. I am your host, Austin Dowdall,
and I am joined alongside me by coach Kevin Bullis. Coach, thank
you for being with us today. KEVIN:
Well thank you for having me
Austin I’m excited to be here
with you. AUSTIN:
This past week it wasn’t an easy
one against Eau-Claire, especially with the unfavorable
weather and even a delay in the first half; how does weather
change your style of play? KEVIN:
That’s a fantastic question
because ultimately any time you get rain it really messes up the
game, literally. In the sense of people don’t move as fast as you
would like to move. Things happen with that football. That
football gets wet. It’s not an excuse but it is a reality. The
ball is going to be on the ground more often whether it’s a
dropped pass, or whether it’s a mishandled snap, whether it’s a
bad snap. And the biggest part of all of those things is this;
manage the adversity. There’s going to be adversity today and
we warned our guys about that and our guys are veterans, they
understand that. The biggest piece is, how do you react the
next play? And that’s really the thing, yesterday even meeting
with the team. I went through many of the different pieces of
adversity that happened during the course of that game. And
then how we reacted back to it. That was the key to the game.
That was why in the end that we
felt very good about the score. AUSTIN:
Yes, that was a really great
game to watch, and coming up this weekend you have 4-0 UW-
Platteville with Homecoming. You think with it being
homecoming, do the players feel more confident going into the
game and do you think that it’ll be a different vibe at Perkins
Stadium? KEVIN:
You know, the vibe at Perkins
Stadium is like Homecoming every weekend to be honest with you,
and that’s one of the things I found here is that the vibe is
always fantastic. Homecoming to me, it’s a neat thing, it’s a
neat thing because you get a lot of alumni to come back for me,
and for the players. I mean a lot of old friends come back
to watch them play. That to me is probably the most unique part
of it, in that aspect. But in all reality, our guys are
excited. I mean they only get; you only get 10 opportunities.
You are guranteed 10 opportunities at the beginning
of the season, you do not take one for granted, Austin. AUSTIN:
Yep, thank you coach. And this
has been Inside Warhawk Football here on UWW-TV. [“Inside Warhawk Football”
Instrumental music playing]

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