INSIDE the Volkswagen Golf R 2018 | Akrapovic SOUND In Depth Review Interior Exterior

hey everyone welcome to Alaatin61 today
I have a very special car for you the most powerful Golf R there is this is
the facelift you all are asking for it and tear this what I like are the seats
with the our logos integrate looks very cool of course the exterior is also
different the headlights the new taillights with the flowing turn signals
like Audi models the Golf R produces now 310 horsepower instead of 300 horsepower
it has four on the Newton metres of torque that’s 295 pound-feet of torque
the engine is a 2 liter 4 cylinder in-line zero to six two and 4.6 seconds
the top speed is 250 kilometers proud limited that’s 155 miles per hour it has
now a 7-speed dual clutch DSG transmission instead of a 6-speed you
can still buy it with the 6-speed manual transmission the fuel economy is 7
liters per 100 kilometers combined now let’s take a closer look to this
beautiful go it has the brand-new reshaped LED headlights the chrome
insert goes into the LED headlights very aggressive front bumper completely our
style looks awesome special to the are 19 inch rims in this case standard the
Golf R comes with 18 inch tires and rims but I think these 19 inch rims look
looks awesome the Golf R comes also with pedestrian and animal detection and it
comes with a new feature the trailer assist it can automatically Park with a
trailer behind it thanks to a new system it has panoramic sunroof then we look at
the back you have the beautiful new LED
taillights with the flowing turn signals just like Audi models these taillights
are the best in my opinion until now quad exhaust R has also the very
good-looking active info display 3d map in the instrument cluster allowing you
to play with the settings you the combination of direct injection and
intelligent turbocharging as well as higher torque guarantee and exceptional
driving experience now this cough has also to keep its
entry system so when you have the key in your pocket you can answer the car it
has the LED lights in the interior the front assist is now located behind the
Volkswagen emblem at the front not in the lower bumper looks cleaner it has
the left adaptive cruise control by the way the interior dimensions are the same
the steering wheel is different the navigation system is different the seats
are different to the golf or you can buy it at the Vilas charging for the first
time the new go far is not only the most powerful golf there’s ever been but also
the fastest and this is the interior of the brand eco far looks lovely bright
spot assess dinah audio system desk all processed and active info display fully
loaded car I really like the seats and it has of course the beautiful panoramic
sunroof with the dark headliner this is the space left eye one meter an 83
that’s quite good LED lights in the interior you have the armrest or the
cupholders integrated I really like the seats with the carbon look looks
fantastic it has the new discovered proof system
which looks awesome it is a fall system it has everything you need there are new
couple of safety systems which either show and most of all I like the new
active info display looks really really cool
this car has also the traffic jam SS system support you in nerve-racking
stop-and-go traffic and can help you out avoid too typical traffic jam collisions
and we are now in the driver seat of the brand new co far looks lovely active
info display special steering view with the our logo get the white stitching it
looks great it does the shift paddles adaptive cruise control buttons on the
steering view now you have the Blind Spot Assist of course discover Pro
System dinah audio system adjustable armrests
you can slide it one two three settings height settings you have the storage
area you have also viola strategy for the first time which I will show you
have two cupholders down here electron can’t break out of old you have the DSG
transmission lovely carbon detail on the sides parking sensors you can turn off
the ESP ESC sorry start/stop different modes that’s also new on the Gulf on the
new goal different modes eco comfort normal race and individual but in the
video you can adjust the DCCC steering adaptive cruise control even the dynamic
corner lighting is adjustable USB input up there this car is fully
loaded you have the heated seats for the driver
and passenger the driver has memory three-person setting you have also the
dual zone climate control it has its own menu for the first time
automatic modes front defrost for the red screen air car it is a push-button
ignition of course now let’s take a look at the desk of a pro system this is the
main menu of the car the swipe motion gets to control just like Audi models
you have the radio settings you can adjust the volume by this with this you
can also configure the homepage in three sections media Alex at USB SD card Wi-Fi
cd/dvd of course you have the car settings the front assist area
monitoring system includes City emergency braking with pedestrian
monitoring it has also the adaptive cruise control what’s also cool when you
come close to the screen these functions light up which is also really cool down
by Volkswagen car net F connect it sports Android auto apple
carplay and mirror link media controller traffic information can put up images
climate control settings lets go directly to the languages these are the
languages available on the track lap timers are also used to show current
acceleration sound settings for the dyno audio system sound focus front rear only
left only right is also available sound character sound cat sound character
oh that’s the navigation system here you have the active info display it has also
the adaptive cruise control lap timer which is also new and special for the go
far these are the safety systems there’s the
lane assess blight Spot Assist it can automatically Park is also extra you
have the front assist navigation you can change the information on the
inside of the instrument closer efficiency navigation safety systems
very very cool down.this active info display by folks on I really like to
stand you with this you can control the display you have the voice activation
you can alter the phone it has the adaptive cruise control you can set up
the distance like this there’s also a limiter automatic lights of course
folding mirrors we have also the light under underneath LED lights there’s a
panoramic song the sport human mesh machine interface
gives you deep inside to technology so that you can get the best out of your go
far on your infotainment system it shows you current engine values values such as
the charge pressure and G meter as well as power currently being used the front
assist is now located behind the Volkswagen emblem at the front not in
the lower bumper looks cleaner it has the lift adaptive cruise control by the

100 thoughts on “INSIDE the Volkswagen Golf R 2018 | Akrapovic SOUND In Depth Review Interior Exterior

  1. Volkswagen Golf R Nardogrey with Akrapovic Exhausts
    Price around the 69.000 euro

    (TR alt yaziyi sag kosede acin, iyi seyirler)

  2. seems like the intercooler grill could be a lil smaller , and try avoid getting lil stones or any other whilst driving

  3. I love the wheels on this one — All the Golf R's on the lots in my area (D.C.) have different wheels that I don't like nearly as much. The wheels are obviously different for the US models.

  4. Akrapovič exhaust systems are reliable; they give you absolute freedom to customise them according to our tastes. A team of highly skilled engineers with over …

  5. Nardo Grey Golf GTD letde yok heralde, volkswagen sitesinde araci konfigure edince sadece indium grey mettalic var bende normal mi ?

  6. Nice car. Foreign cars are the best cars. Subscribe to my channel and I will subscribe to your channel as well.

  7. Congrats on your brand new Golf R! We revved the shit out of it a bunch of times with only 3 miles on the odometer, but enjoy!!

  8. This is quite expensive for a Volkswagen even though it's the R trim level, but at the end of the day it is a Volkswagen and should not be priced as high as Audi rs3 which is a luxury car, while Volkswagen is more like Ford which are cars that a manufactured on a much larger scale that Audi or Fords luxury company Lincoln.

  9. When i go on the VW Canada webside there’s no nardo grey, just a dust grey that looks pretty similar to it. Do you think it’s the same color? Beacause this one looks really pretty!!!

  10. Changed my order from a Golf GTI Performance into a GTI TCR in Pure Grey.
    When will you be able to do a full review of de GTI TCR with 290hp?
    Greetings from Belgium!

  11. German market spec Golf R – for those wondering. US models are different. Namely the tailights, no sunroof, and no memory power seats. Also the center console storage is locked out on US spec R's. There is a kit though that uses the correct parts to convert your center console/armrest, to a German spec functional unit, with the accessible storage underneath.

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