100 thoughts on “Inside Pre-Season: Liverpool 2-2 Sporting Lisbon – Yankee Stadium, New York

  1. It's nice to see Americans growing more invested in football and getting involved in the culture

    Also, preseason is meaningless. It's impossible to know what's going on behind the scenes. What's important is the data gathering & fitness programs, which we can't see much of

  2. We should sell Salah and Mane for 150 million each and use the funds to give John Henry a new yatch. With that done we can use our "new signings" Harry Wilson and Adam Lallana on the wings to spear us towards Premier league glory.

  3. Win lose or draw i will always be a red YNWA

    Edit: we need new goalkeeper,creative midfielder,left back and striker sub but i think were gonna struggle to get top 4 if we don't sign anyone

  4. Awe! Loved seeing Trevor Noah and John Oliver there too but obviously the biggest star of the night was Pajak!

  5. Alisson > Simon
    Ederson = Bravo

    Robo > Larouci
    Mendy = Angelino
    Virgil > Sepp
    Laporte = Mangala
    Matip > Lovren
    Otamendi = Stones
    Trent > Jogom
    Walker = Danilo

    Fabinho > Lallana
    Rodri = Fernandinho
    Hendo > Ox
    Gundogan = Foden
    Gini > Keita
    De Bruyne = Silva

    Salah > Elliott
    Bernardo = Mahrez
    Firmino > Brewster
    Aguero = Gabriel
    Mane > Origi
    Sane = Sterling

    6 Times is just luck!

  6. John Oliver bringing his boring late night ‘comedy’ pals out, but he’s a brummie, and not funny, but his mate is minus funny, he’s tragic…

  7. Liverpool have gotten rid of more talent than sighed. Am I the only one that’s noticed that? Am I the only one worried?

  8. I’ll return one day all y’all 😂😂😂😂
    Too much going on at the min gotta keep my head down 😂😂😂😂

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