Inside Grizzly Athletics: Baseball and Softball Media Day

I’m Matt Mahoney, the voice of the Grizzlies
and I’m here with coach Datko. Jake Wright, Covington Georgia, Left Handed
Pitcher. Nikolay Uherek, Huntingtown Maryland, Right
Handed Pitcher. Alycia Fields, Elk Grove California, Catcher.
My names Jabari Gayle aka JB, AKA Ferrari Bar, Follow me on Snapchat.
Three things you take on a road trip with you?
Protein, protein bar, and protein shake. [laughter] Who do you want to be the president next year?
Myself [laughter] Vote for Bras for President. Alright folks you have it, vote for Bras.
What’s your favorite memory at GGC? Last year hitting the home run against Faulkner.
Probably when Tori Heinemann caught the fly ball to win the championship.
Two years ago when we went the world series. If you won the past powerball what would be
the first thing you’d buy? 2016 Corvette.
Gameday superstitions? I always have to have my hair braided.
Build that Grizzly baseball band for me. We got Oglesby on guitar, I’m on the drums,
we got Sheldon on the mic, I don’t know, maybe JP on the bass.
I have a quick question for you, why are you the number you are?
It was the first number I ever had. I spent most of my time at Chipotle.
What’re we gonna do though? We gonna win that national championship boy!
Back to you, back to you, back to you.

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