Inside Anfield: Liverpool 4-1 Norwich | TUNNEL CAM as the Reds score four to win

Are you his dad, sorry? Oh, OK, good to see you. South end, eh? Ah, the north enders. Well, we were looking at north end
but we thought it was a bit too far. Yeah, brilliant. Well, I hope you
enjoy it anyway, and good luck. – All the best, lad.
– Thank you. Our first one wasn’t great, so they pulled it! You OK? I’ll go for the kiss and the cuddle! Ain’t kissing you! You all right? Did you have a nice break? Portugal? All right, lads? All right, boss? OK, guys? Congratulations for the season. – Boss. – Boss. Ohh! – How are you?
– I’m good, and you? Good to see you. Exciting. Yeah. Come on. FANS SHOUT OUT APPLAUSE Boys, come on. VIRGIL: Come on, guys, let’s go! ♫ We are the champions of Europe,
the champions of Europe! ♫ THEY CHANT: Di-vock Ori-gi! Di-vock Ori-gi! Di-vock Ori-gi! ♫ Mo Salah! Mo Salah! ♫ Running down the wing ♫ Salah-la-la, la-ahhh-ah
The Egyptian King. ♫ ♫ He’ll pass the ball, calm as you like ♫ He’s Virgil van Dijk,
he’s Virgil van Dijk. ♫ APPLAUSE Come on, guys. Jürgen, that first 60 minutes seemed to be everything you asked
of the players pre-match, how pleased are you with what you got? That was super, that was really
exactly what we wanted. They are really good, they are cheeky
as hell, lively, well-organised, good plan. It’s because we are early in the season, so if we had played the perfect game
tonight it would have worried me more than knowing we still have
a couple of things to improve, physical things will come,
no doubt about that, and all the rest we have solutions for, we just
have to work so everybody knows about it.

100 thoughts on “Inside Anfield: Liverpool 4-1 Norwich | TUNNEL CAM as the Reds score four to win

  1. We took our foot off the gas, Man City didn't. Happy with the win, but we could have been top rather than third.

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  3. Kloop you need to chang your thinking about new player in the club u need that . Liverpool need new contracts lol

  4. Myself and my Mrs visited Anfield the day the Big Cup was delivered. It was amazing. The tour and museum outstanding. Love the city of Liverpool, both red and blue 😉👍🇬🇧

  5. Only 3 clubs in England ( and in no order )
    1. Man U
    2. Liverpool
    3. Arsenal

    Rest no history or fan base or tradition.

  6. أجواء ملعب ليفربول وجماهيره لا مثيل لها أتمنى زيارة هذا الملعب يوما ما

  7. @3:11 that's the cheap guy who is gonna cost us the season! :@
    That's ofc if Klopp isn't the one who refuses to buy any players to add depth and strength to a team with no good bench and not even a half decent playmaker! 😏

  8. Good result. Keep it up until the end of this season. So that lift the title. We eagerly to win premier league trophy. By hook or crock will win this season premier league. Love from Somalia

  9. Does anybody knows what they talk first the lads in the match officials room? It looks as a so private meeting…

  10. my favorite clup in england is FULHAM. they will win the champions league cup someday. i believe it wholeheartedly. love to Fulham from Turkey.
    my guess is for tomorrow's match:
    Liverpool: 5 Chelsea: 1
    place a bet, win

  11. esse Club de futebol e fantástico nessa temporada vamos ganhar a premier ligue e ser bi dá champions temos um ótimo time.

  12. Everyone, from the bus driver to the owner of the club, refers to Jurgen as “Boss”.

    It’s brilliant, even I call him Boss and I’ve never even met him."…. 👍

  13. Can anyone tell me where does the liverpool bus picks up the squad when they are playing at home? I thought they will already be in the stadium way earlier..

  14. I’m a man utd fan and I despise Liverpool, but I respectJurgen as when the whistle blows for half time, he ran straight into the dressing room showing that he controls this club. RESPECT…

  15. 0:30 i dont know what im watching here. a guy with a stupid voice and another guy with a stupid girls haircut.

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  17. I live 30 mins walk away from Anfield, these videos are probably the closest I'll get to being inside the ground. Haven't seen a live game since my grandad took me all those years ago. Love this channel, but more importantly, I love this club.

  18. The thing that stands out the most for me in this video?… Those weird white & red socks… That's all I could see!!

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