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We aren’t playing a children’s game, nobody gets out for one-tip-one-hand. Off gets runs, leg doesn’t. Out if the ball hits that wall directly. Wide and overthrow get runs. Nobody should chuck the ball. You’re out if the ball goes directly into that house. If the ball gets out, I’m not getting it. Whoever sends it, gets it. Go get the ball. Go! By the way… the team that loses has to buy soft drinks for the others. Agreed. No need to behave like Shoaib Akhtar. This is B-block, not Wankhede. Throw the ball straight. Careful, don’t try to be Tendulkar. You’ve got to run as soon as you hit. Can you? If we lose this time, be ready to empty your piggy banks, I’m not paying a penny. If we win today, we’ll shower with soft drinks. Shall we? Let’s go! Let’s begin! Just a minute. Please let me play. Go home, squirt. Teams have already been made. Hold on. You can be the common one. Bat twice. Thank you! I’m telling you, I won’t let him bowl. By moving a little further, he could have hit a six. Can’t you see that he’s just hooking the ball with his eyes shut? He’s just hooking. Run! Run! Run! Run! Run! Run! Oh no! No! No! No! No! No! No! Oh no! Who urged him to run? Who here said it? Are you crazy, asking him to run? You made him run out!
When did I ask him to run? You urged him to run!
I never said anything! You said it, man. Hold on, dude. Hey bro! Keeping your hair long won’t make you Dhoni. Now just watch me. Hook it! Howzat?!! Don’t make false claims. It bounced and went behind. It hit your bat and went there. Ask your team! Don’t cheat, asshole. Just shut up and bowl. Hey! How can you cuss? This is how, motherfucker. Why the hell are you cussing? Swear on your Mum that you’re not out. I swear on my Mum, I’m not out. All this fake swearing, do it at home. He’s out. Let’s go. Why are you guys…
Get out! Out! All out! 26 runs to win. Hey moron! Just throw the ball straight or I’ll make yours a baby over. We’ll lose the match, dude. No ball! You’re chucking. Last over. Ten runs to win. How many times have I told you rascals not to play here? Sonu has his board exams. But Aunty, Sonu’s the one who hit the ball. Hello? Maintain decorum while you play. There are kids studying in here. Every day, it’s the same! Last ball. Six runs to win. Losers just don’t get any, it’s no big deal. So what? Look at their downcast faces. Look at them. Awwwww! To victory, boys! Hey guys, come on over. Are you crazy? My love! Give him a glass, man.

100 thoughts on “Indians & Gully Cricket | The Timeliners

  1. BC 23 runs bnane the, 3 six mar diye fir bhi 10 run aur bnane h jeetne k liye…
    wah bc ye kaunsa math hua????

  2. Pehle kachre ke balls count kare toh 19 runs ban rahe hai toh umpire 10 runs to win kese bol sakta hai????

  3. Bhai bola tha leg side pe run nahi hai phir bhi 6 runs last ball pe mar diya leg side pe….aur jeet gaye…

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  5. 3% charging at 1.21 am and I'm enjoying timeliners' videos.

    Great content with great performance. Keep up the good work guys. ♥️

  6. Us mote ki 3 balls pe 3 six pde…iska mtlb 18 runs…aur jitne ke liye net 26 runs chahiye ….iska mtlb 8 runs to win… Lekin last over mei umpire kehta h 10 runs to win… Are umpire ko khareeda tha kya???!!! Cheater umpire…

  7. I've been noticing one peculiar trend in this channel, which otherwise is going straight into drain, steady rise of Sikhs actors who are, except few, equally pathetic in their acting skills like this channel.

  8. oh this is so real the cheating ,fighting,making bet,team selection , the 3rd umpire "mummy kasam" and the extra ordinary rules for out and boundaries.

  9. 2:22
    Year-2015, Place- IL Colony, Kota
    In a random, an unknown guy wearing Nike shoe with a Kashmir willow bat came took strike and his actions were ditto same. Me and my boys thought he is a pro batsman.. he took his stand guarding the stumps(a tree) and got bowled in the first bowl. We trolled him so hard that he never came back. Good Old Days.!

  10. Plz make a video on
    Girls attending wwdding in winter by not wearing fully clothes and showing their body like its hot but boys do wear 2-3 jackets in the wedding .

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