INDIA Vs PAKISTAN 2006 ICC Under 19 Cricket World Cup HIGHLIGHTS

he’s down remember Pakistan are the
holders the game’s not over yet what a start absolutely unbelievable
start demon the man who gets the innings off to a flyer normally has gone first
ball dragging this back from outside Austin off the bottom edge it’s a loose
stroke Jamshed Ahmed makes the breakthrough this ain’t over yet
India off to the worst possible start nan for what that’s the end of demon
first ball inside edge onto the stumps getting the wicket getting the break
through exactly what Pakistan needed look mail has it pitch down
that’s the question that’s gotta be asked it’s normally the first question
and I’m Paris himself when it’s a left arm over to a right-handed batsman certainly swinging but I think the ball
is going to have pitched outside like stomach now have a tricky little
20-minute half hour period here and then start again I mean it’s ridiculous
that’s the way this needs a reaping it’s a good shot out of the middle of the bat
good piece of timing and they’ll run away for four brilliant piece of time almost a Yorker four foot one India one
over gun 17 years of age India’s Kiba oh that’s close it’s very close in fact
it’s out in the air too down as it hit him you just knew goodness me Pakistan
what a comeback well it’s just about the perfect in swing of this bowling from
where he bowls and getting the amount of movement he gets got a hit the batsman
just about on the line of off stump look at this come back in here has he got
outside the line I don’t think he has because that front leg comes back and
he’s in line with off stump and that would have gone on to hit middle middle
and leg and Anwar gets his wicket now both openers gone India 5-4 to this lbw
look where it starts and how much it comes back now the Pat is outside the
line they’re just dragged that left leg and left knee back into line with the
stumps you can’t do that for this guy he swings EER
room outside Austin and that’s come back and hit off that think it’s hit the
inside of off stun I mean what are you thinking
you’ve seen that how much this ledge swings it you can’t even think about
leaving it you can’t think about leaving it look at it just smash the middle of
off stump straight back what a fabulous fabulous reply by Pakistan having batted
very very ordinarily Sharma’s gone for four and in the era eight to three India 853 and they still got another 12
minutes to bat before they’ll get some respite over whatever is for dinner this
evening my excel on is the new batsman and Sharma is the Manny’s who’s out we’re in all sorts of straits here
because the top three are all out and they’re the ones who scored the majority
of their runs in this competition done for the stumped camera you won’t mind
that two wickets in two balls effective everything else has been a noble fall
five deliveries the gran hwa-jung chicharrón and waz big swinging in
swinging deliveries he’s up and running we won’t catch him he’s down and
everybody’s on top of him he’s off his tee already he sprinted fully eight
yards after getting that wicket three wickets in for legitimate balls that’s gone with between bat and pack
it’s a loose stroke to be fair but nothing wrong with the deadly accuracy
and look at the guy go Jamshed has gone screaming across across
to a cover point he can’t believe it mobbed an India in desperate trouble
eight four four the burrata deaths is the new man in and
this over has gone no ball wicked noble noble wicked wall wicked we’re in the
second over of the innings there two more balls to be bowled in this over and
Anwar has got three for four and he’s make the other end Jamshed has got one
before and he’s bowling two two slips and effectively two short legs really
short like in a short midwicket now you’re not going to get that that’s
going to swing way down the leg side we’re 11 balls into the into the arm the
umpires lost count I’m not surprised it’s a five ball over but he’s had three
wickets in it so it’s all going off out there eight four four he’s not me I’ll stop back with a
perfect delivery batsman totally bamboozled stand there can’t understand
it but he actually played slightly across it planed awards made on and the
swings taken the off stamp out of the ground or take nothing away from the
bowler here we were talking about was even almost in the same breath he’s
produced to delivery that the great man would have been proud of this is swamp
pitched off hit the top of off brilliant bowling from Jamshed brilliant
performance from Pakistan in the first three over a bit of this Indian innings
they’ve been decimated India to eight to five if you just switched on that is not
a typo but the poll has gone through caught the
ball through at paws in the air and Billy dr. o delayed his decision and
gave that out then and I think they might go and have dinner now nine four
six they’ll have to go and have dinner now otherwise it will be getting cold
nine four six and why I could have had five four and he’s only ball seven balls I’ll tell you what this is phenomenal oh
it’s caught definitely I think it would have been going down like side in terms
of lvw but there’s no question about that that it’s come from pad onto back
and hua has four four five in seven balls it’s a decent staff if you’re a
bowler that has gone for North India 950 once his fielders to give 100% in force
them into playing in a roundabout chest I Brown the club I went to the man who
put it down a few moments ago but this time he huh what a good job delivery duh get in cut it up to about chest I’m
not an easy ball for a lower order batsman to negotiate the gloves and that
was quite an easy catch this time he’s delighted
some shadows eldercare Oh with a Chinese cool thing
celebrations in the stand good bounce really good bounce from the
ball and a good catch way about midnight serious ball is really serious up under
the chin look at the height Pinole shower is out for 1662 parade applauding
the fielding it’s got to yo Mahesh on strike and that tile feels as though you
can get it don’t like the slip configuration don’t like this wide first
slip to be a problem because got that away well low off his toes will get a
couple at least here if I were Akhtar if I were bowling at yo Mahesh
I think I’d bounce him sooner rather than later he’s loving to get forward
loving to get forward you got to stop him that’s pretty good piece of bowling this
a folded slightly wider on the scissor turn on some great umpiring in this
series the trophy once again belongs to Pakistan they came here to defend it
they got bowled out for a hundred nine and
my goodness me but from celebrating did then come back
all what India decimated 71 order this glorious kind of print
you just never know do

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