INDIA VS AUSTRALIA – Mauka Mauka Funny Ad – ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 – PAPPA KI PARTY !!

OK Boys! Party over See you all next World cup collect your return gifts It was a boring match My friend, one bounce catch is not out I still wonder why do you always come..LOL Who is Zimbabwe? When did i play him? Are you done? Sad, feeling really sad for you! Do take care of Afridi Inviting for a house party and embarassing us all.(Sad) It’s not my home! then? 4 Times World Champions Will celebrate the fireworks on their home ground!

100 thoughts on “INDIA VS AUSTRALIA – Mauka Mauka Funny Ad – ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 – PAPPA KI PARTY !!

  1. Stop crying bitches!! Australia is already a world champion. T20 is nothing.. anyway India lost and it isn't in the finals this time.. hahaha piss off

  2. Mother fuckers now see…You are the audience in your home ground…. Mauka mauka…Bamboo is in your ass..

  3. baat kadvi h lekin Australia ko harane mushkil hota par jeeto ya haro lekin khelna aisa chaiye kangaroo yo ki Gand ka Tel nikal jage chaye jeete hare par hare bhi to world ki best team se

  4. after 2 years now i come to know that how Idiots and are these indians… are nothing just bullshit in front of Australia

  5. Ye jo video bnata Pakistan ky against lagta hy es ki gand mein kharish kuch zada he hoti hy barnol lagani pary gi es Indian ki gand py

  6. india bangladesh ko chota math samjho keuke hum bangladeshi log
    asambhab ko sambhav karsakte he hum bangladeshi log ser he ser or ser kisi se darta nahi he ser ki jit hamesa hotiie rahtie hay

  7. #Bohut_Bura_Howa
    #Pakistan #Zindabad

  8. Hi Indian luzer how are you. lost 2 two world cup 1 icc world cup 2015 and 2 icc champion trophy 2017 you win no any time all time you lose lol lol hahahahahahahahahaha??????????????????????????????????????????? luzer luzer mauka mauka mauka mauka mauka mauka mauka mauka mauka mauka mauka mauka

  9. Haan hum sab ne deka tha 2015 pe kaun kiske ghar pe pataka phora tha ?????????????? bharti motherchode.

  10. har team ko tum na  bezat kia ur phir tumhari hi bezati ho gai     /THINGS THAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND/  please don't make a beautiful game a war………

  11. This is not even an ad! It's a YouTube video. So I would request all to just chill and enjoy the hilarious part of the video.
    If you are hurt by this insignificant video, then I don't know how you go about your life.

  12. Abey bhense 4 sal se dekh raha hu tu phelta jaa raha hai. Patakhe kya phodega tu khud fatt jayega. Yo Yo test mein tatti ho jayegi teri chala mauka mauka karne. India bleeds blue you bleed out your fats Chubb's…..

  13. पाकिस्तान की वजह से पूरा दुनिया अफ़सोस कर रहा है।
    क्योकि पाकिस्तान तो क्वाटर फाइनल भी नहीं पहुँचेगा
    विदेशी प्लेयर पाकिस्तान को इस लिये गली दे रहा है,
    ऑस्ट्रेलिया बोला पाकिस्तान से पहले तो कम से कम जोर लगा के जीत जाते थे।
    और अब जोर लगते है तो , हमारी पैंट गीली नही पीली हो जाती है। तेरे को क्या जरूरत थी हिन्दुस्तान से पंगा लेने की ।
    और पाकिस्तान ने ऑस्ट्रेलिया को न बोलकर अमेरिका को बोला इस बार माफ् कर दे मेरे ताऊ और लोन देदे खेलने के लिये अगली बार न बोलूंगा ।।???????

  14. Hadd Ho gayi h… Stop this ad.. Be mature.. Trolling some countries is not good… India will show it on field… No need to show like this…although it's for fun… It's demoralizing other countries

  15. I love my India. I am ready to do anything for my country.
    But I dont like these type of cheap jokes on other country teams . These will only increase hatred of people of those countries on us. Though leave PAKISTAN we don't care of them.

    India will win the world cup 2019.

  16. behenchod salee….tera ma ki chut…..Bangladesh ki insult karegi tu ghar me ghusunga then teri ma ki chudungaaaaaa……randi chut

  17. Beta baap to Australia hi hai sabka…..balki great grand father bol lo….aukat hai Australia ko harane ka….

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