India On Bangladesh Cricket Recent Performance | World Cup 2019 Special

they are becoming more and more powerful
Pakistan should learn something from the Bangladesh I won’t mind if Bangladesh
beat India but I definitely want they should bid Pakistan. The tiger is now
roaring. Hello friends this is SabbyBG and with me, you’re watching another
episode of SabbyBG Your Indian Abroad street show one team that has come
up and surprised everybody is the Bangladesh cricket team. Today we are
going to talk to some Indian people and ask them what they think about the
recent performance of Bangladesh and the future of Bangladesh cricket. Are you
watching the Cricket World Cup? Yeah I like to watch it but sometimes I miss
because of my study yeah of course like some of the matches yes yeah not all my
days but some matches there’s one team that has surprised everybody they just
beat South Africa they beat West Indies they almost beat Australia as well they
are the Bangladesh cricket team. What are your thoughts on the Bangladesh cricket
team? when we talk about Bangladesh they have
improved a lot so now the bowling style their batting perfectthey are trying
new kind of tricks and they are winning in that yeah I think when comparing to
the previous years they have become more successful in their matches we said
they’re better in bowling I think so they can put up every minute loss loss
so I think they were forming very good currently my mother she was actually
like a normal thing like they do not perform very well but nowadays like
other performances English drastically from back they come to the top
Australian previous game but Bangladesh win hearts actually never abused and
younger performance reviews are everybody’s hating on them so it memes
are there was like Pakistan which are match eaten I had to get into finals and
then somebody commented kion go charm and Chitina and not to win the final but
just to get to Pakistan how is the performance of Bangladesh
team going to change the perception of the rest of the world about the cricket
team they are becoming more and more powerful and they’re surprising the
other rest of teams we have seen that Bangladesh in the previous World Cups
they’re a good team but even though they can’t perform well but now the history
has completely changed they played very well other teams are gonna play
carefully with Bangladesh team so they know like Bangladesh is a great team now
definitely I’m getting World Cup in this tournament will be difficult for for
them because there are a lot of competitive competitions in between all
these fighting but definitely after four year we can see if perform similar in
the similar wavelength then definitely in the next World Cup will do the
Bangladesh it’s a learning point for them if they keep their a consistency in
every World Cup maybe for next or after two-three World Cup they definitely will
win so Bangladesh is again coming up with
both India and Pakistan okay do you think they’re gonna win both the games
or one of the games or none I think there’s a chance for Bangladesh and
between India India India’s also has a very bad experience against Bangladesh I
don’t know about the Pakistan because Pakistan also can do surprise you know
we cannot predict I can’t say correctly because things are changing Benghazi to
give more and more stronger if you match with Bangladesh in India I can’t say
anything it is a magic so anything can happen
Bangladesh Khanna is gonna win with Pakistan but I don’t think they will win
with India I won’t mind if manga this beat India but I want I definitely want
they should beat Pakistan I want to talk to you about a player
that is right now considered the most valuable player in the Cricket World Cup
2019 his name is Shakib Al Hasan not only he’s ICC’s number one or rounder
he’s also the top run scorer in the Cricket World Cup what are your thoughts
on such an amazing player one of the top players in the world but I’m told things
I’m not thinking that he’s the most very in the world cricket there are other
main players also but I think for Bangladesh he’s the main man for leading
them because he has a lot of experience and he knows how to change the matches
in difficult situations of course his role in that Bangladesh team is very big
his performance is everything he is one of the backbone of Bangladesh they rely
a lot on yeah he’s got great skills I must say that his bowling skills and
everything is very great he’s married couple of hundreds and he’s paying his
acts yeah amazing do you think Bangladeshis cricket team recent
performance has won the hearts of the cricket fans across the world as you
said they have beaten South Africa West Indies West Indies and as I said the
Australia they are almost yeah when Wallisch fans and their people can
become more pride about their team how many logistic of course like they are
paying playing very well in the last matches and their performance is very
great and most people on welcome know how Bangladesh is gonna perform in their
upcoming matches definitely the hard work they come in front most of the
people like started liking the players of Bangladesh the tiger is now roaring a lot of my Bangladesh fans are going to
be watching this video as well I want you to simply wish Bangladesh fans in
Bangladesh cricket team all the best for the World Cup to all Benghazi she finds
all the best positions for all the mothers fans out there I wish all the
best of luck further your upcoming matches would you like the final between
Indian bang yeah definitely I will watch that and I am very interested to see
that but we should all do a group hug to tell the world that India and Bangladesh
is brothers and we love each other continue watching these amazing videos
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44 thoughts on “India On Bangladesh Cricket Recent Performance | World Cup 2019 Special

  1. Yes they are growing really fast from last 5 years.. I love to see bangladesh to win the next wc..
    And i love you sabby… And want more video.. ?

  2. Yo Sabby… I told you earlier Bangladesh is a dangerous side.. Indian coaches played a big role in improving their cricket… I hope they beat Pakistan… Afghanistan almost did it yesterday…
    Someone said Tiger roars n you were showing a lion ? ? ? lolll

  3. I think before skills Bangladesh team should learn how to give respect to the opponents

  4. Sport must unite. As much as I’d like us win, your India team is too strong this year. But you never know if our players find their groove. Thanks for this video, was a fun watch. Here’s to better bilateral relations between India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. And Afghanistan. And Turkmenistan. And of course Kazakhstan. Alright, good night guys, thanks.

  5. Bangladesh will definitely enter Semi Finals of World Cup, but in 2023. Now they have started to form the proper one day team.

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