25 thoughts on “Increase Hip Torque With This Baseball Hitting Drill

  1. Dead red hitting has helped me a lot this is a program that really works. I couldn't hit the ball when it comes out of the machine but now I can hit it better. This program uses a baseball hitting tee which is an important foundation that even big league players use today. This has taught me to use my whole body to get the best out of me. Thanks Coach

  2. what you need to give us is the "cure " for back foot spinning..teach the kids to keep the weight on the inside of that  back foot and never let it sway..anchor it down keep the weight in the inside of that rear leg and torque into it while stepping forward..very important to move forward while turning back..check out sevam the move right here on you tube for an explanation..ts about golf but the same theory holds

  3. so i really dont understand what the drill is. i mean i do but in the beginning he says your suppose to kick the box out in a certain direction to drive through the baseball. when he demonstrates he says that he didnt move the box, so he drove through the baseball correctly? So what is the technique? 

  4. @AbsolutelyAmerican really good point there. As a coach, the one thing I stress beyond hitting fundamentals is this: be comfortable at the plate. To me, that's the most important aspect of hitting is being loose and comfortable.

  5. Great video.  As folks with experience would love your feedback on Dispatch.tv — private channels for groups to share mobile videos. iOS only: appstore.com/dispatchtv.  Android en route.

  6. I need help on my hitting I get really scared when people throw fast how can you get over that fear and swing big and hit big

  7. my son is 9. He is drifting forward and his back leg is straight at the end of his swing. Is there a drill he can do to keep his back leg bent as he squishes the bug. This flaw is hurting his power.

  8. one our favorite drills! if players/coaches are worried about this causing a drift – try pausing at point of contact on a few of these and doing a check – head, back hip, back knee should all be in alignment and be behind the front foot

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