Increase Bat Speed | How to have a quick swing + Bat Flips

Sean Plouffe, today we talk
about swing quickness and incresing bat speed this might be the most important video that I’ve ever done
and the things I’m going to point out to you today are really key in developing a
swing that maximize our ability level not only for power but also for
adjustability so in this first clear this is one of my favorite clips that
I’ve ever seen this is Carlos Gonzalez looks like a homerun Derby you get nasty
with it we’re going to see a lot of backflips in this video but what I want
you to notice is you’re really shifting forward here and you’re leaving the arms
back and you get this nice snap this nice explosive movement up top and
that’s really what creates the swing quickness a lot of times people talk
about having a short quick swing and usually what happens is they don’t
really low their elbow far back and they don’t really get to a position where the
leg is going to pull and as long as that’s happening you’re going to end up
pushing the bat or muscling through the zone instead of really creating this
good feel what I want you to notice is the separation between the back elbow
and the back knee right leave it so he’s way back there he’s left his hands all
the way back and you get this really nice explosive swing because he’s held
them back for so long you get this nice energy going on and you see you can see
a release so it’s nice and slow building up as he strides forward and then it
releases into a really nice quick powerful swing and that’s where we get
our swing quickness from you’ll see the same thing and the other guys I’ll show
you today and you can’t notice this unless you
play the clips full-speed it’s harder to notice this so a lot of times we can
kind of make slow-motion video say the wrong things and this is one instance
where playing the video in full speed can be really beneficial so love this
clip here’s ken griffey jr. this is a slow-mo cut but you can notice the same
type of thing going on he really leaves his hands back and again the backflip
look at this these guys all just get super cocky but again the same kind of
energy buildup gets released into this really quick powerful swing here’s a
side-by-side with ken griffey jr. and Ryan Braun Ryan Braun is a smaller guy
that hits for power and what I really like from him is that his barrel starts
up so what you get is this movement where the bells going kind of back
towards the dugout and the hips going to the ball and they’re kind of going in
different directions and I can make this stretch even more powerful so you have
this potential energy going on that eventually gets released into the
baseball we’ll try to show you fast motion clips I can but again Robinson
Cano is one of the best of this I call it the stretch and fire where you create
this stretch again by pulling the elbow back right so the elbows back the ball
is coming to him watch out when the ball is in the air he falls towards the ball
fall fall fall fall fall hands are still back still back still back and then
finally gets released into the swing this is how we use a body properly this
is how the body works and I want you to think about how you throw right the same
kind of loading sequence and explosive move happens when you throw for most
people this is partly why getting the foot down early can be detrimental to
the swing is a lot of times you end up losing this type of feel or
you’re falling into the ball and creating this energy and this stretch
and this is why you see guys be able to make swing changes and add a leg kick
and really really become the best hitter they could possibly be I told you they’d
be bad lips there we go so Jose Bautista explained it as starting slow and early
right so he gets the foot up on time he reaches his leg lifts before the ball is
thrown and he’s again falling into this baseball falling falling and he does
open up a little bit far here but this pitch is way inside but he traits the
same feel really leaves the elbow back and the swing is pulled through the zone
with the back leg if you looked at my hitting positions video you’ll see that
pretty much everyone gets to a position of stretch and hiding the hands see
Bautista doesn’t quite hide his hands because he doesn’t kind of rotate us far
but you could see his elbows almost even with the shoulder line here and he does
lead with the hips you could see it right here he creates a stretch a little
late compared to most guys but he’s definitely using his lower body to power
the swing there’s another clip of Ken Griffey jr. again fast motion you can
really see this swing snap through the zone fall snap sometimes if you guys
talk about the back leg kicking up this is the good stuff today guys this is
really a difference-maker is many Ramirez want you to notice this last
clip here same kind of deal right you can see them
kind of falling his swing is more vertical but you see the same type of
thing happening in this really nice snap quick swing increase bat speed he hit three home runs this
game one two three did you drop the bat at all times take a look at some more guys here
here’s Mickey Mantle you can really see this snap right look how much tension
he’s created in this position right his shoulders that kind of rotated all the
way to the third baseman that’s not something I necessarily teach but you do
want to create this stretch on the back half bang with that flip you kidding me this clip was a game changer for me it’s
one of the first I saw of two hitters being almost exactly the same and the
way they swing the bat and their movements so they both definitely create
this snap that I’m talking about but their movements are a little bit more
quiet right you can see they don’t fall forward as much but they shift the
weight in the same way and again this is something that you could easily lose by
getting the foot down early and partly why I’ll do like guys to use some type
of toe toss or leg lift because it puts the weight back right so you can get
this little this weight shift forward and partly part of what creates this
field is just shifting the weight forward and leaving the hand back to
create this stretch so it’s hard to really get the weight centered where it
needs to be when you get the foot down early so I like some type of move
backwards fall forward leave the hand back snap
some more clips of Barry Bonds here leave this pitch way up in the zone and he gets to it
this can’t happen unless the swing is being pulled by the by the back leg again you have that nice barrel flow
behind him so the barrel is going one direction the
leg is going the other direction snap is another one of my favorite clips
you can really see this stretch going on here right in there right that’s about
as far as you can pull it with the back knee in the back elbow and you get this
really nice release of energy you see how he’s gathered itself back right in
this position right here you see how narrow his feet got right you see a lot
of old older hitters get to this position
Babe Ruth no this is another variation of a late kick to me is you’re gathering
back like this bringing the feet closer together and this is a good alternative
to a light kick but the feel with the rest of the body is the same the weight
shifting back to come forward as you step out the hands stay back still back
even into this position right here you can see the swing really happens back
here back behind the leg the swing doesn’t really out race the leg here I hope you enjoyed this video if you did
subscribe to the channel he’s been Sean Plouffe, catch
you next time

7 thoughts on “Increase Bat Speed | How to have a quick swing + Bat Flips

  1. coach Sean… JD talks about stretching the string (from stride foot to bat knob), so as the stride foot plants, the hands are stretching the string… like a rubber bank. When I watch video of Donaldson, I see the slight movement of his hands (elbow) still pulling back really getting a good stretch. I don't see that same action in many other hitters. They seem to get the hands and elbow back, then wait for the stride foot to land.
    Do you have an opinion or thoughts about this? I would love to hear them.

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  3. I really like all the information you are giving in your different videos. I think young players are being taught the wrong mechanics and they wonder why they cant hit for power. My question is how do you train for a good swing? Are there any baseball swing trainers on the market that can help youth players develop a good powerful swing?

  4. Good Video, I think this is the most over looked step. Fall in to a good launch position or fall and pull back as you would say. I use to tell My son get to launch position and "Turn Hard/Rotate" I think what what your showing is that you should get to launch position with good stretch and think about throwing the bat hard, not turning hard?? I think as long as you get to launch position like Gonzalez and think about throwing the bat you might automatically " turn the barrel" What do you think?

  5. @Sean Pluffe When do we begin the stride? Some guys start it when the pitcher's front foot hits the ground, some guys are later, some earlier.

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