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Hi, I’m Alois Rosario and today we’re going
to talk to you about improving your reflexes. I took some players to do some reflex testing.
It was interesting, the player that plays close to the table and is really fast and
I thought was going to kill the test, finished dead last. So how is it that he can play so well with
the slowest reflexes? Well the essence is that it’s not just about
your reflexes. There’s a lot more involved in how quickly you can react to the ball. The first and the most important one is how
well you track the ball. The better that you track the ball the earlier you are going to
get the information of where the ball is coming. So if I’m tracking the ball all the way there
and all the way back I’m seeing a little bit earlier the direction of the ball coming back
to me, the type of spin on the ball, the speed of the ball and I’m getting that information
just that little bit faster than that guy that’s got those really quick reflexes. So in training you need to start to think
about this. You need to start to think about tracking the ball better. Spend some time
forgetting about your actual strokes and techniques, just think about how well you’re watching
the ball during that training session. Watch the ball out and in, out and in, so all your
shots, the only thing that you’re really focussed on is watching that table tennis ball and
tracking it as best as you possibly can. Now we need to consider our balance. If you’re
not balanced it doesn’t matter if you anticipate the ball really well or if you’ve got fantastic
reflexes you’re not going to be able to make a good stroke so balance is the key here. How do we get our balance? Firstly, making
sure that your feet are nice and wide apart, your knees bent, and you’re down in the good
basic stance position. That will help you with your balance. Then we need to think about this. We need
to think about our chest facing the ball wherever it is. So if the ball is coming from here,
that’s where my chest is facing. So here the ball comes straight to me, I play my backhand.
Now the ball is coming from there, I’m following the ball with my chest but now it comes over
here and I’m playing a forehand. So again my chest is facing towards the ball and I’m
able to play a forehand with good balance. If the ball comes here I’m facing the ball
and I’m able to play a good backhand. So having your chest facing the ball wherever it is,
is vitally important to making a good stroke with good balance. What happens if your chest isn’t facing the
ball? Well I’ll tell you what happens, the wiggle happens. What’s the wiggle? Now you
will all have felt this. So the ball is coming here, your chest is facing there and suddenly
you need to adjust quickly and make better position and line your chest up with the ball.
So you end up doing that and you get that wiggly feeling. So we really want to try and
eliminate the wiggle by making sure that our chest is facing the ball wherever it is. Why
do we wiggle? Because we anticipate that the ball is coming to where it actually isn’t.
So the ball is over here, suddenly we turn over here because we think the ball is coming
to our forehand but the ball is still here and we need to make that quick adjustment
back so that we can play the backhand. So eliminate the wiggle by facing your chest
to the ball at all times.

76 thoughts on “Improving Your Reflexes | Table Tennis | PingSkills

  1. Thank you for the great video! I recently joined my school's Table Tennis club and I really believe that the advice shared in this video will greatly benefit my progress 🙂

  2. Hey, I recently bought this bat –> (DONIC WALDNER 700) and was wondering what do you think about it

  3. Hey ping skills I love your videos you have been my coach also as well now I want to upgrade my bat I am a professional player and like to hit smashes and want a light weight bat I am currently using a donic waldner 3000 and want to upgrade my interest is in joola I am an Indian so please suggest a racket which is available in India


    waiting for reply

  4. Could we have a longer version of the POV videos? maybe with each different techniques and shots and how it would look like in first person all together in 1 long video. I think it would look pretty cool and help a lot!

  5. hi pingskills I am an professional player and I want to choose a table tennis blade please help I have only two option butterfly reygundo or stiga offensive classic please help me which bat I should go for and yes does price matter when choosing the right blade

  6. nice video….
    I always being trapped by my friends because my slow reflex…
    however after watching this video I feel I can beat my friends.

  7. WOW, i watched all your playlist and finally found out that if you follow the ball with your chest it would be easier. Thanks

  8. Thanks a lot I'm from England & in February I became Birmingham's Under 16's Table Tennis Champion 2016,this was something I've struggled with our years thanks a lot

  9. It's a great point… The balance with Chest.. that's a perfect answer for my missed shots ^^ Just it's coming on my eyes when i want to spin the ball and the ball missed from under my bat because of my wrong position :@

  10. I am a martial arts person. table tennis is a great part of training for fighters to be accurate, faster, learning the speed of opponents, movements and so on.i feel it can help others too

  11. Thanks Alois. I find it allways helpful for me to be reminded of the basics. And the mnemonic facing the ball with your chest is simply brillant.

  12. the last part in the video was great, where u showed first person view, i wish if we could see more of these videos where different shots are showed in first camera view would be of great help and much clearer to understand as to when to hit the ball, whats the contact point on racket, and how much racket should bent or closed and which direction racket should face…. please upload videos in this way, would be of great help as i am still confused about the questions i have mentioned.

  13. I'm primarily a tennis player but recently took up table tennis and I'm really loving it. I do have a bad habit that I am trying to break myself of and it has to do with my tennis instinct of taking the racket head upwards on power shots as opposed to letting it drop to knee level and then coming up on the ball. Growing up playing tennis we were always taught to hit through the ball, rotate the body and then flick the wrist on contact to create spin. In table tennis however, it appears that spin is vitally important to keeping the ball in play and the only way to hit the correct shot is to start at knee level and finish at head level.

    Is there a drill for tennis players like myself who are trying to make that transition to table tennis?

  14. Thanks Alois. Question: you mentioned in this video that one should always 'follow the ball, in and out'. I thought that the moment after you hit the ball, you should shift your attention (away from the ball) to watch your opponent instead (and then, to resume following the ball from the moment your opponent hits it). Is this approach incorrect?

  15. This was a very helpful video as I definitely have been through the wiggle. From all your videos (especially this one) I'm learning something or improving my skills. For anyone playing Table Tennis you are the number 1 channel to watch.
    Thanks a lot!

  16. Another excellent video from Alois & Jeff. I'm returning to the game after a lengthy absence and just about to join a 'club', these videos have been inspirational 🙂

  17. Hi I am 13 years old. I am simple table tennis player. I can't do forehand topspin continuously, by the time I loose control in my legs and I loose concentration and I just hit the ball somewhere.I am unsatisfied with my playing please help me.

  18. Predicting the ball's trajectory and practicing the skills till it becomes instinct is probably the best way. Thats why you should refrain from using these chest tricks, a low ball isn't going to come towards your chest at all. Thinking about the ball won't do either, you don't have time to think about the trajectory and such in a fast paced game. Also attacking faster than you can defend is a bad choice. Balance is required or in other words intelligent playing. If you are focused on hitting the ball as fast as possible then your accuracy and defense is most likely weakened. You don't have to blow the paddle out of his hand to win the point.

  19. One of the many best/basic Lesson : Stance ! What a super trick per Aloi : chest radar !
    Jeff , the real spirit of PP …i guess he could play 24/24 …cheeze.

  20. thanks you for your guidance as i was not winning game because of reflexes but after you video i started winning games

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