Improve Your Rundowns in Baseball — [Youth Baseball Coaching Tips]

What’s up! Coach Dan Blewett here! In
today’s video we’re gonna do run downs so if you don’t know how to do a run
down today’s gonna give you a good idea of
the major things that you need to work on so number one the biggest goal is to
make the guy sprint you should know this well if someone’s chasing you and you’re
sprinting full-speed it’s really hard to change direction the biggest problem
with bad run downs is that players just kind of do this and they’re just jogging
after them and they get to stay with their head on a swivel these runners and
they can change the direction really fast cuz they’re not forced to go in any
one direction very fast so the number one rule is make the runner sprint by
sprinting at him fast put the fear of God into him number two you always need
to peel off to the right after you make your throw that way everyone knows where
they’re going after they give her the ball because if the runner runs into you
as a fielder he gets the next base for free and you don’t want to collide with
your fielders because then the run down it’s probably going to be a disaster so
rule number two definitely make sure you peel off to the right not the left so
everyone does the same thing rule number three pump fakes which I won’t cover a
lot in the video pump fakes are not a great idea because you know faking out
your teammate as well you end up faking out the other fielders it’s better again
just a sprint show the ball get rid of it when it’s time but a million pump
fakes they end up Deacon everyone including your fielders rule number four
your goal is to try to get out in just one throw if possible the worst – when
it gets to three four or five throws you just have done a bad job because you
violated rule number one which is you probably didn’t make the guys sprint
again if you put the fear of God into him and chase him like you’re gonna run
him down he’s gonna have to make a decision
pretty quick lastly making the runner choose the base he came to is ideal but
that’s not always gonna be realistic and a lot of times you just have to chase
the guy down throw it to the next base and then sure if he isn’t out then and
he’s still in the pickle then you can run him back to the base he’s coming too
but just because if you’re the first baseman and you don’t want him to go to
second doesn’t mean you fired a second right away you can run him out or run
him down throw it late and try to get the out right there it’s not the end of
the world if you’re running the guy towards the next base but again you just
need to be confident you’re on a bill all right so I’ve got a couple videos
I’m overlaying so check them out and we’re gonna learn ton about rundowns
today okay so let’s look at some examples here’s our first one and let’s
talk about what is good and not good about this example so there’s one throw
two throws three throws finally got them so this was a good example of two major
things going wrong number one the golden rule is to make the guy sprint if you
make the runner sprint by sprinting at him like legit sprinting at him then
he’s gonna have to make hard decisions and he’s gonna have to sprint as well
when the runner is sprinting he’s not gonna be able to change direction very
fast and he’s gonna be out much quicker so if we watch this again you’ll see
that he’s never sprinting now drew initially took off pretty fast but
they’re throwing the ball too soon and they’re not really making the runner
sprint so again even though some of the guys are running hard at different
points they’re not running him long enough to make him have to actually
sprint and they’re getting rid of the ball too quick so if you just really run
the guy hard for a while and then get rid of it he’s it’s gonna be a one throw
run down the other thing that we need to point out here in this is the goal is
always to run to the right after you release the ball if you do that then no
one runs into each other and you’re never getting in the way of the runner
so Tyler here after he makes his throw he goes to the left which is a no-no
because then your risks running into another fielder or the runner running
into him the goal is always to go to your right side after you make your
throw so peel off to the right okay so this is a good run down let’s look at
this one and you’ll see initially the difference our lefty here runs him hard
and gets him to go and it’s a one throw run down very very simple he’s making
the runner sprint and that’s the main goal here’s another well done run down from right here he really takes off
after him makes him make a decision so again even though he’s not running
hard at first now he’s got to go because he sees this guy come
after him alright hopefully this tutorial rundowns helped definitely
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